The habit of unhealthy eating and how it impacts your health?


Majority of health problems that you see around you are a result of unhealthy lifestyle and eating. Many major diseases are actually the impact of these unhealthy eating habits which just manifests itself later in life. These health issues thus very easily can be avoided by eating healthy diets. These healthy diets however do not include many important components due to popular superstition. One of them is that nuts are not appropriate for dietary consumption. However there are many nut varieties that should be included in regular diet and a famous one among them is Brazil nuts.

Brazil nuts- its health benefits and nutritional profile

Brazil nuts have many health benefits. And these benefits are due to the presence of many nutritional elements in them. Recent researches have shown that Brazil nuts have high amounts of selenium. Selenium is a necessary trace element which is required for the overall working of the body. It has been reported that even consuming two Brazil nuts on a regular basis can help attain the advisable amount of selenium in the body. Brazil nuts have also been found to have antioxidants. Antioxidants usually reduce the amount of free radicals at a cellular level which is very helpful as it provides relief from oxidative stress.

What are some extra health benefits of Brazil nuts?

Apart from the health benefits mentioned above Brazil nuts are also very promising when it comes to fighting inflammation in the body. It has been reported recently that Brazil nuts are great when there is an inflammation in the body. Many inflammation markers such as the CRP levels are reduced upon the consumption of Brazil nuts. As Brazil nuts have selenium content, they are very much helpful in providing benefits to thyroid related problems. Brazil nuts are also great for cardiovascular health as it contains many types of poly unsaturated fatty acids. Brazil nuts have shown promise to reduce risk of heart diseases and are very helpful in reducing bad cholesterol levels in blood. Brazil nuts are also very good when it comes to maintaining HDL levels in blood. As Brazil nuts contain high amounts of dietary fiber it helps in the maintenance of gut microbiome which in turn helps bowel movements.

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