How an Attorney Can Defend you when Accused of Internet Sex Crimes


Internet sex crimes can take place in different ways, including viewing and distributing online images of minors and using the internet for meeting others for any illegal sexual activity. Engaging in sexual-related contact with an individual under the age of 18 on the internet is illegal under state and federal laws. Such kind of communication includes sending or exchanging explicit texts, photographs, or other exchanges that are sexual in nature. If you have been accused of engaging in internet sex crimes, the best new jersey internet crimes attorney will give you a strong defense. 

The facts can seem to point out of the defendant’s favor. But, there can be ways to prove a conviction would be unfair. Have you been charged with an internet sex crime or possession of child pornography? If so, you must not leave things up to chance. You must work with an experienced internet crime defense attorney as soon as possible to know how to protect your rights, finances, and reputation from the law. The following are possible defenses your lawyer will have:

Lack of information on age

A lot of sources online that depict sexual acts don’t list the age of all people seen in the visuals. An individual arrested for an internet sex crime may have not known a minor was involved in any sexual conduct because there was no age information.


A virus is an unwelcomed file or program downloaded automatically to the computer of a victim. Thus, there is a possibility that a virus could have transferred child sexual abuse images to the computer of the defendant without their knowledge.

Artistic Appreciation

Sex crimes that take place on the internet rely on the explicit images being sexually charged. However, the lawyer can claim that the images in question are meant for and only used for artistic appreciation and not sexual gratification.