Knowing what is Rapid Antigen Testing


The onset of the COVID-19 has kept many individuals in the comfort of their homes. The travel ban restrictions and strict safety protocols made them no choice but to make themselves busy by going back in doing their hobbies or by simply doing activities they usually do not do during the pre-pandemic.

But today, there is a big difference now from how people adapted from the so-called “new normal.” Employees are now back to working in the office, many businesses are now again operating, and even traveling is now allowed compared to before.

These things have been made possible because currently, it is now easier to ensure whether you are negative or positive with COVID-19 through Rapid Antigen Testing.

The Rapid Antigen test is a Covid-19 test that does not need laboratory analysis. The results arrive significantly faster than the results of the PCR Covid-19 test, which must be sent to a laboratory for processing and takes 3 to 5 days.

A nasal or throat swab is used in the Rapid Antigen test, which is subsequently placed in a liquid solution to check for the presence of proteins. If these proteins are discovered, it means you have the virus.

With this, employees who travel from home to their workplace or those people who want to go to another country can take rapid antigen test for travel to ensure that they do not carry the virus. Although the tests still vary depending upon the country they are in or they are traveling to. Some countries require an RT-PCR test for they believe this is the most accurate and reliable test.

So if you are planning to travel, Harley Medic International can provide reliable COVID-19 testing. They also provide fit to fly COVID test certificate as legal proof that you tested negative and are allowed to travel.

You can also book an appointment for COVID-19 testing on their site.