Berkey Filter is Your Partner to Healthy Living


Berkey Filter, Water, and Health

There is no question that water is the source of life on earth. But water can also cause sickness, especially if it’s contaminated. Fortunately, Berkey Filter can ensure that your family is drinking safe and clean water all the time.  Visit USA Berkey Filters to learn more.

Chemicals, heavy metals, pollution, and other organic wastes can seep into water supplies. Such contaminants can cause both short-term and long-term health effects. Contaminated water causes gastrointestinal diseases like dysentery, cholera, and diarrhea. Typhoid, Hepatitis A, and polio are also diseases that come from dirty water.

How Water is Contaminated

Water treatment plants keep your drinking water clean and free from contaminants. Adding disinfecting chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride into treated water, help kill bacteria and viruses.

But studies show that these chemicals pose health hazards, so your drinking water at home isn’t really safe. Additionally, contaminants can get into your homes through broken pipelines. This only proves that there is no certainty that tap water is really safe.

Protect Your Family with Berkey Filter

You might notice that your tap water smells like chemicals. These are chlorine and fluoride, and you already know that these are not good for your health, especially to your children. Fortunately, Berkey Filter can totally eliminate these chemicals, providing you sweet-smelling and fresh-tasting water anytime.

Berkey Filter doesn’t use chemicals to treat tap water, but instead, it uses granulated media to trap hazardous water contaminants. There are other water filters in the market, but they cannot match the power of the Black Berkey Filter.

What is the Black Berkey Filter

The Black Berkey Filter is a granulated media used in all Berkey Filter products. Its pore size is so minute that contaminants can never make it to your filtered water. Berkey filter is so powerful that it can remove more than 200 contaminants. Other competitor filters don’t even come close in removing 200 contaminants.

Microfiltration process traps certain contaminants, like sediments, parasites, and bacteria, within the granulated media.

The adsorption process creates an ionic barrier that filters contaminants smaller than the micropores. This is how the Black Berkey Filter removes viruses without using harmful disinfecting chemicals.

Heavy metals ions are filtered through the ion exchange process.

The Berkey Filter is so effective in eliminating contaminants that it is classified as a water purifier.

Importance of Berkey Filter at Home

Berkey Filter will ensure that your home can have safe and clean water anytime. Likewise, Berkey has a wide range of products that matches your household’s water needs. Let’s find out how important it is to have Berkey Filter at home.

You Get Purified Water not Just Filtered Water

Most water filters are just classified as filters. All Berkey Filter products are classified as purifiers because of its high standard in water filtration. In fact, it surpasses standards set by the military, which is a result that has never seen before.

Berkey Filter is Cost-Effective

With Berkey Filter, you get to save money in two ways. First, you don’t need to rely on bottled water to have clean drinking water at home. Second is you don’t have to replace filters for a minimum of 4 years. It will save you a lot of money compared to other brands that need to replace filters every few months.

No Need to Buy Bottled Water

An average household consumes 2-4 gallons of water daily. Imagine if you buy bottled water this much every day. That would cost you more than a thousand dollars per year. The cost of water produced by Berkey Filter would be just 2 cents per gallon. That’s a thousand times less the cost compared to bottled water. That would be a lot of savings for the family.

The Berkey Filter is Cleanable

Berkey filters are scourable, so it will last for a minimum of 4 years. A single Black Berkey Filter can filter at least 3000 gallons of water. All Berkey Filter systems use two filter elements, so a system can produce 6000 gallons of purified water for the family. Additionally, the filter elements are very simple to clean. Just scrub it with a 3M Scotch-Brite, and the filters are good as new again.

Berkey Filter Keeps Family Healthy

Hydrating your body is a step next to wellness. Drinking enough clean and safe water daily keeps your body healthy at the cellular level. The body is composed of cells, which form the tissues, then organs. Drinking at least six to eight glasses water or more, depending on your activities, keeps your body hydrated and promotes overall health.