In secondary school I used to play basketball. In the changing room I was always ashamed to go into the shower with my colleagues. I was embarrassed because my penis was smaller than others.

Now for 2 months I’ve been taking Xtrasize and my penis is already 3 cm bigger!!!

I feel like a newborn!!!

Thank you.

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I am a bachelor who likes to enjoy life. Unfortunately after my 38th birthday I noticed that my penis is shrinking. I tried to use the vacuum pump but the effect was only temporary.

Now for 10 weeks I’ve been regularly taking Xtrasize pills and finally I can see a lasting effect.

My penis is already 5 cm bigger and I feel like the king of the city again!!!

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Xtrasize saved my marriage! My wife was never fully satisfied with our sex life. She bought me Xtrasize for my birthday.

Initially I was skeptical about it, I was even offended by this gift. I started taking it without her knowledge.

Now I see and hear :) that she is definitely very satisfied!
Our neighbors hear it as well.

I highly recommend it to everyone!!!

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How it works?

"XtraSize is a dietary supplement, which improves blood-flow in your body, rejuvenates absorbency and improves heath of the corpora cavernosa. As the chambers of your penis expand and the tissue engorges to a fuller capacity than before, length, thickness and improved sexual stamina become possible. The effects produced by XtraSize are permanent and don’t disappear when you stop taking the pills." Read more »


Make your dreams come true!
Let your partner feel the difference!

Thanks to Xtrasize you will discover a new dimension of erotic sensations.

XtraSize XtraSize XtraSize

Start Package

£59 / $79

This package is addressed to men who are not quite ready and who want to test XtraSize. One pack is enough for two months of application during which you will enlarge your penis even by 3 cm.

Packs: 1
Time: 2 months
Effect: + 3 cm


Recommended package

£129 / $159

This package is recommended especially for those men who are not satisfied with the size of their penis and who definitely want to change it. Half-year treatment will allow for maximum increase in the size of penis, even by 7.5 cm.

Packs: 3
Time: 6 months
Effect: + 7,5 cm


Economic Package

£99 / $129

Four-month package is recommended especially for men who are partially satisfied with the size of their penis and only want to lengthen and thicken it. During this treatment you may expect even 5 additional centimeters.

Packs: 2
Time: 4 months
Effect: + 5 cm


When I started my studies in a foreign city I could finally revel. Together with my friends we met a lot of girls. Unfortunately after a while I realised that my friends are a lot better in hitting on girls. In addition to that they know girls with whom they can have noncommittal sex. I didn't know why things like this didn't happen to me until one of the girls told me that I'm handsome and cute but my penis is small. I was devastated. On the Internet I have found a set of exercises for penis enlargement but even though I was exercising 10-15 minutes a day for three months, it brought me practically no results at all. It was only when I saw the commercial of XtraSize on television that I decided that this is my last chance.

Today I have almost 5 cm more and it is not the end of the treatment. Guys, what matters for girls in bed are above all the size and hardness of penis. Today I know this for sure, because girls won't give me a break.

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Two years after the wedding I noticed that my wife fakes orgasms during sex. Unfortunately it turned out that there was something missing for her in our relationship. We tried the Kamasutra, porn, even buying different toys. It was when my wife bought a dildo when I realised that my penis was too small. So far I was convinced that my average penis was sufficient but it turns out that in order to fully satisfy a woman you need to have a penis with the length of 17-19 cm. I didn't know how can I increase its size but fortunately I found information about XtraSize and decided to buy it.

It was a huge success. After a week my penis was thicker and harder and after a month I noticed that it is a bit longer.

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I couldn't find a permanent girlfriend. Usually it all ended after the first sex. I knew that my 11 cm really was not enough but what could I do. I was born this way. I started to look for short and slim girls but it turns out that it was definitely not enough for them. Everything changed when in one of the newspapers I saw information that there are ways to enlarge your penis. For me this was the information that gave me a second life. I explored this subject on the Internet and decided to choose the most effective way – XtraSize.

My new gorgeous 18 cm penis acts as a magnet for girls but my heart is already stolen by one girl, so I don't think about the others. At least for now :)

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XtraSize is a product, the formula of which was created on the basis of natural ingredients and its effects have been thoroughly tested under laboratory conditions. It is also a product which is present on the market for many years and has a large number of satisfied consumers.

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