Hair transplant and its results


                            Hair transplant is a surgical method of transplanting hair from one area of the scalp or body to the other. Mainly, it is performed on the scalp to get natural looking hairs. A common question comes in mind whether hair transplant leaves scars on the scalp or not? Yes, while doing this surgery scars are the marks that are left on your scalp. The visibility and extent of scarring depend on the skill and experience of the surgeon and the techniques which are used in this procedure.

Kind and visibility of scars

The kind and visibility of scars is different in both the methods which are used for hair transplant treatment follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. Follicular unit extraction leaves no visible scars in donor area. One can see very small size dots scars from where the follicles are removed. These scars are undetectable whilst in follicular unit transplantation linear scars are noticed in the donor area from where the strip is removed. 

Scarring leads to cosmetic problem

If hair transplant is done on healthy scalp then it has permanent and long term results. If a patient has poor healing power so in this case scarring may increase and cause cosmetic problem. Scarring in the recipient area can be minimized by making the small holes. Thus, no scars will be visible on the scalp.

Normally, scarring is visible either on the donor area or the recipient area. Surgeon should take proper care while performing surgery so that there will be minimal scarring on the scalp.   

Hair shedding

Usually, we lose about fifty to hundred hairs in a day. Shedding is a natural process which happens during the hair cycle. When human body shed hairs more than normal amount of hairs then it leads to baldness.

Shedding of natural hairs after hair transplant

The hair transplant procedure does not change the natural cycle of the existing hairs. After the hair transplant surgery the natural cycle of shedding hair continues. 

Shedding of transplanted hair after hair transplant

Sometimes, hair start shedding after hair transplant surgery and it may continue for three to four weeks. If patient notices excessive hair shedding then he may consult doctor and get the required treatment.  

There are certain things that person has to do because shedding of hair is not completely controlled after the surgery-

  • Medicines

Patient should take the medicines on time as it controls the pattern of hair loss and helpful in reducing the shedding of hair.

  • Camouflaging products

Try to use camouflaging products because these products help in covering the shedding areas. These are used as hair building fibers one can stop using it if transplanted hairs start growing.

The above mentioned tips aid in minimizing the shedding of hair after hair transplant. It is very necessary that surgeon should take care of the whole procedure by not damaging the grafts and using it in sufficient number. Consult best Hair Transplant in Ludhiana