What Causes Scalp Acne And How To Treat It?



The combination of bacteria and dirt are the root cause of Scalp Acne. The build-up happens around the roots and climbs up the hair follicle to cause this harm. As time passes by, the bacteria build-up also grows on the scalp, and along with it the Follicle too. The result is a breakout at some point. This spreads the acne around the scalp.


Acne is also known popularly as Zit and pimples, but the problem is the same by whatever name called.  Shampoos are, no doubt a cure, but to locate the right shampoo is the problematic part. The search for the right shampoo did meet with success, but only after the satisfaction that we had tested it. That product happens to be Zincplex. The justification is as enumerated below.

  • Shampoo for scalp acne are generally high on Ph. That would mean, it is acidic, and the alkaline is low, which would cause much damage to the roots and Follicle. With continuous use of such shampoo, the acne develops and bursts out spreading throughout the scalp. Zincplex is a shampoo, which has the Ph balanced perfectly in its mix, and natural ingredients are only included. Usage of Zincplex over a period of time would heal such acne, by attacking the bacteria and cleansing the Follicle.
  • Zincplex has natural ingredients which flush out the oil build-up in the Follicle, which are hardened up with the passage of time. The principle ingredient happens to be bacteriostatic, which kills harmful bacteria. It flushes out the bacteria, which are in hiding inside the Follicle and eradicates them. 
  • The bacteria does affect the scalp in other ways too. Dandruff flakes are one of them and Zincplex works effectively to keep the hair a bit oily and avoid total dryness, which keeps the flakes at bay.
  • There has been experimentation in the past, to use Zinc and rectify the acne problem of the scalp. But, this has always been met with failure. Zincplex came out with a perfect formula with a combination of other natural ingredients.
  • The combo of three products, from the Zincplex stores, is the right solution to all the scalp acne. The natural products used are zinc PCA, thyme, sage, fenugreek, burdock, tea tree oil and other herbal extracts that are known to purify and deep cleanse. Zincplex is also of the opinion, that usage of the combo 3 to 7 times a week would be useful in getting rid of the Scalp Acne.