What do I need to know before getting BOTOX™?


For those interested in Botox in Calgary, there are numerous questions to answer. This is one of the most favorite cosmetic treatments for managing wrinkles and fine lines. But if you’re considering getting a Botox treatment, there are a couple of things you should know. Read this article to discover everything you need to know before getting botox savannah ga.

Botox is less painful than other cosmetic treatments

One of the main concerns among patients is whether or not Botox hurts. Overall, each person experiences a different level of discomfort. But the consensus is that Botox is less painful than an inoculation shot.

Most patients notice the results between seven to ten days

Studies show that a Botox injection will take up to 20 minutes to absorb into the muscles. After this moment, it will start working right away. Still, you should know that the results will show up depending on your body. The average is between seven to ten days. Discuss with your technician about this to receive insights on how long it takes for Botox to work.

Botox won’t get you through a tedious before the treatment process

A surgical procedure will have you following tedious pre-operatory treatments. The benefit of having Botox in Calgary is that you don’t need to do much before getting the treatment. Our experts recommend exfoliating and washing your skin earlier in the day. Also, you shouldn’t apply any makeup prior to the treatment.

It would be best if you didn’t exercise after Botox

An important aspect to mention is that it isn’t recommended to work out on the day you have a Botox treatment. It will help your body adjust to the toxin without causing unwanted side effects.

Each patient receives a distinct dosage

Many patients believe there is a standard Botox dosage everyone receives. But the truth is this varies depending on your skin and on how advanced your wrinkles are. In most cases, several Botox units are administered with each injection. Also, you’ll have to come back regularly for additional Botox shots. This will ensure the results will last for longer!

Wrinkles don’t get worse after stopping Botox treatments

There is a common Botox myth many patients believe. And that refers to stopping Botox treatments. If you do that, your wrinkles won’t get worse. This treatment only stops muscles from moving for a couple of months. This allows the skin to smoothen. When you stop the treatment, your muscles will start moving again, and the lines may or may not reappear.

The bottom line

So, this is what you need to know about getting Botox in Calgary. Before you make any assumptions, it is highly recommended to discuss this anti-aging treatment with a trained professional. Based on your skin’s needs, you’ll get a personalized treatment plan to improve your appearance and make you feel excellent in your own skin!