Are You OCD? How to Test If You Are


It is possible to overcome anxiety. Thousands of people each year in this country have beaten their anxiety. There is so a key initial step which is you have to believe you can manage anxiety.

To do this you have to have some experience of you controlling your anxiety. This then starts to change your belief system. You can do it yourself by trying ideas that you read around the place. Or perhaps you could work with an anxiety specialist, who understands you need to have a belief that you can overcome your anxiety, so they will help you quickly have some positive experience of putting anxiety in its place.

Asking you if you want to do this. This will not happen tomorrow morning, it may happen in a big step. But at the step mark you have to say yes.

Then it starts in your mind. It has to start somewhere. Sometimes by the feeling of panic. You can then change this in your mind. You can find someplace in your mind which makes you believe you are able to overcome your anxiety and this is how you can change the belief system, into a new one.

By changing this, you can do things like take a deep breath. When you are feeling really stressed this will take some time to change your mind, but it will happen.

Then you can start to challenge your current belief system into a new one. You can ask yourself: Is it possible that I am already too stressed? Is this a result of anxiety? I’m feeling stressed, can I not get over it?

Then you can look at things in your mind. You may think about something like: Why am I feeling the anxiety? Am I anxious too much?

You can start to look at the things you are experiencing in your mind. Do I get anxious too much? Do I also get anxious when I am feeling some other things? Then you can start to break down these belief systems into smaller parts.

You can then start to ask yourself: Am I sure that I am experiencing anxiety? If you feel you are, how do I know that I don’t have a reaction that is more than you can handle? This is how you can control anxiety. By changing your thoughts, which believe you can change them, then you can change your anxiety.

You will begin to find things that you believe are anxiety. But you don’t have to worry about these things, when you’re just starting out.

You can only change your thoughts when you learn to change your reactions. At this stage it is when you feel the anxiety, and you are feeling the anxiety. You can keep feeling these things.

Then you can move on to the next stage. You can continue to practice these techniques and work on these things. You will start to get better and better at this. This is the practice that will help you get rid of anxiety and worry.

You can do this, there is now a body of knowledge about this particular thing.

If you have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) then it is possible you are already having a reaction to something you don’t want to experience. Because you are associating this thing with these feelings, and you have no control over these feelings you can change your thoughts. In order to change your thoughts you can take the first step. Then you can practice these techniques to learn these techniques. Now you can use this knowledge to help get rid of your OCD. What is important here is that you take that first step. If you don’t do this then you won’t change. You need to trust yourself first, then the next step will be easier to follow.

So now that you have taken the first step to change you can go on to the next step. These next steps are the difficult ones. I want you to know that it isn’t so bad when you learn these steps. OCD is not impossible. It is just that you need to work for these next steps.

  1. Now you can realize that these obsessive thoughts are obsessive thoughts. I want you to think of this thought as being like a dog wanting something. It isn’t, it is just that these thoughts have entered your head so deep that you cannot control them. You can now control the actions that occur in your mind. This is the next step.
  2. You can now train your mind so that when you see that dog you can say “Don’t think of the dog.” This will stop the obsessive thoughts you have. Then you can continue with the next step.
  3. You can now train your mind to take the action you said to stop the obsessive thoughts you have. The next step is to do these things. You need to repeat these things in your mind.
  4. “I am taking control of the obsessive thought. I am taking control of my life.” This will make you more in control of the obsessive thought and the OCD behavior. If you do these things and continue to do these things daily until they become habits, you will be OCD free! I have prepared some powerful OCD materials for you below, enjoy!