Why Do I Have Skin Tags? Find Your Answers Here!


If you noticed tiny bumps on your skin, they can be skin tags. These are common especially as the person ages. And for those who are worried that they can be dangerous, don’t be. However, there are others who are bothered by them and want them removed. Skin tags are usually harmless but it can be unsightly for some. So if you are looking for ways to understand what they are and how to remove them, then read on.

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small growths that may look like tiny warts. They are connected to the skin by a small and thin stalk. They are made of collagen and blood vessels that are surrounded by a thin layer of skin. Most of them grow in the folds of skin like armpits, thighs, under the breasts, eyelids, and even in the groin area. If you read papistop fórum, you will find that people say they have them as tiny growths that are usually just about 2mm in size. But others have bigger skin tags as well. These bumps are smooth and round. Some are wrinkly that look like small grains. Some of the skin tags are flesh colored while others are darker.

How Did I Get Skin Tags?

Just like warts and moles, skin tags can just appear out of nowhere. But according to experts, they usually occur when there is extra cell growth in the skins’ top layers. They develop when the skin rubs against each other. That’s why they are more common in individuals that are overweight. Both men and women can have skin tags. Pregnant women can also develop skin tags but there’s no more need to use papistop kenőcs since they just go away on their own once the baby is born.

How Skin Tags Are Removed

Now that you know that skin tags are harmless, it is still not advisable that you remove them on your own. They can bleed heavily and can get infected. If you go to your dermatologist, there are ways that they can remove the skin tags. They can freeze, cut, burn, or use a tying method if you do not like its appearance.

  • A common method where the skin tags are frozen using liquid nitrogen until they fall off on their own.
  • Another option is to burn them using electrical energy.
  • The doctor can use a scalpel or scissors to remove the tags.
  • Skin tags can also be tied using a surgical thread to make the blood flow stop.

Introducing, Skin Tag Removal Cream

If going to the doctor is not an option for you, then you should know what products to use so you can do it at home. All you need is to use the all-natural PapiStop. If you want to know more about the product, you can read papistop fórum and see how many people have seen the benefits of using the product even at home to remove not only skin tags, but also unwanted warts.