Why Switch to Organic Supplements?


A common belief circulates that if we lack nutritional value, we must switch to the intake of pills, supplements, and capsules. But people often miss out that the same gap that is emerging from nutritional uptake can be met by various organic supplements that are free from any side effects. But before switching, we should understand why these artificially created vitamins do not work.

No to Synthetic Supplements!

  • Studies revealed that only organic supplements and no synthetic or partially synthetic intakes can align with the body’s adsorption, absorption, or retention rates. Hence, they remain unutilized and gets stored as toxins.
  • The changes in the natural enzymes and co-enzymes present in food due to the intake of artificial pills destroy their nutritious value.
  • Not knowing the right quantities for isolated nutrients consumption may seriously damage the body over time.

Switch to better, for better!

Organic food supplements are getting preferred because of their health benefits. These sources are grown naturally and bear optimal nutritional values. These options include a wide variety ranging from seeds, legumes, nuts, vegetables, fruits, to grains. The vitamins and minerals obtained naturally in these options bear structure that is highly complex and these cannot simply be replicated in the laboratories. The consumption of natural options provides you with a spectrum of nutritional values, whereas a capsule or pill would just provide a few specific solutions.

A fit liver!

Most of the bodily problems arise because of a troubling liver. Detoxification of the liver is equally important for the proper utilization and breakdown of the complex organic supplements.  Global Glow liver detox supplements help you get rid of the stored toxins and let the liver breathe and function properly.

Not just Food, but Mind!

We would often hear specialists recommend us to incorporate more colored vegetables, fruits, legumes, or grains in our diet. This idea helps one to intake a complete nutritional solution at a go. But what must also be kept in mind is, the food alone cannot mend the body! What extra the body needs are regular exercises, a stress-free day, a good night’s sleep, and no extra medications. Keeping the mind healthy is equally important for the body to utilize organic supplements optimally.

The phytonutrients are said to possess synergistic effects that no single artificial anti-oxidant can replace. Hence, it’s time to rethink before using any artificial vitamin or mineral source.