Why Athletes Are Embracing CBD


Research tells us that CBD oil has many benefits, and as scientists continue to study this innovative cannabinoid, we continue to learn more about it every day. Because of this, cannabidiol has become a favorite product of athletes, both professional and amateur, over the past few years. Painkillers and other opioid medications are no longer the go-to sources of relief for those that play professional sports, mainly because such drugs have terrible detrimental side effects. Moreover, CBD oil lacks THC’s psychotropic properties, making it the ideal natural product for athletes the world over.

For these, and so many more reasons, athletes across the globe are embracing CBD.

Better yet, many athletes are no longer keeping quiet about their cannabidiol use. Basketball, Football, Hockey players, and more are speaking out about their use in an effort to de-stigmatize CBD and force leagues everywhere to allow its use. While for years, most professional and amateur leagues banned the use of CBD, today athletes are standing up for their rights, proving to their fellow players and society-at-large that hemp-derived products are safe and all-natural.

And professional leagues are starting to take notice.

A few years ago, back in 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA, removed CBD from its banned substances list. This was a huge first step in the professional sports world that gave athletes all over the backing and confidence they needed to stand up for their rights. WADA’s pronouncement that CBD would be acceptable allowed athletes to finally use an all-natural product instead of the synthetic opioids that had infested sports for decades.

Why? Because the organization realized what most of us already know, CBD is not a recreational drug, nor is it a performance-enhancing drug. It’s an all-natural way for athletes to heal from the years of abuse their bodies take on the field. WADA’s decision to remove CBD from its banned substances list was a game-changing moment for the wide world of sports, one that would change the game forever.

Now, athletes in every sport are openly using CBD without penalty, which is better for them and the games that they play. So let’s take a look at how CBD helps athletes reach new heights in the wide world of sports.

Why Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Is a Better Alternative for Athletes

Athletes at all levels put their bodies through rigorous trials that often leave them worn out and sometimes broken at a very young age. From Olympic athletes to team sport players and more, men and women who are at the top of their game push themselves to the limit. They face many injuries throughout their careers, some of which they are forced to play through, all for the sport that they love.

For decades, the go-to answer for healing in the sports world was narcotic painkillers. But over the past decade, we’ve learned just how dangerous those drugs can be. Many athletes have publicly sought out safer alternatives to prolong their careers and prolong their lives.

CBD is the ideal solution because it’s a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that won’t affect them on the field, unlike THC. Professional and amateur athletes can choose from a wide variety of options, be it CBD oil, CBD cream, CBD edibles, and more. Some companies, like Diamond CBD, even cater specifically to athletes with brands like LT Painmaster, a line of CBD creams developed by NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor.

Whichever product today’s athletes prefer, they know that they now have a better alternative that doesn’t cause lasting damage, unlike narcotic painkillers. CBD oil also allows athletes to compete at peak levels because it’s a non-intoxicating, all-natural product. It’s the perfect way for athletes from any sport to keep playing the game they love.

CBD Puts Athletes in Control

Cannabidiol is also putting athletes in control of their post-career lives, giving them a second chance at life and doing the things that they love. Today, more and more athletes are not only using CBD, but also advocating for the product and, in some cases starting their own CBD businesses.

For example, former NHL player Riley Cote, who played for the Philadelphia Flyers and was in more than 250 fights on the ice, began taking CBD to minimize the damage he was causing his body. He recently told Men’s Health that experiences with cannabidiol had been nothing but positive.

Cote is now a prominent advocate for CBD. He travels the country speaking out about its benefits, hoping to encourage more and more people to use it.

Former NBA player Al Harrington is another person who not only spreads the CBD gospel but who has started his own line of CBD products. According to an article in Merry Jane, the former Denver Nuggets player began taking CBD oil after “botched knee surgery” in 2011. A few years ago, he introduced his own line of CBD products on the market and has been a vocal advocate for allowing CBD use in the NBA.

CBD has given many athletes a second career. They’ve not only been able to change their own lives, but they’ve taken the lessons they have learned and used them to help others who play sports as well.

Playing the Game Right with CBD

For most, if not all athletes, choosing the right brand of CBD is of utmost importance. Many of those who play sports have spent years taking opioids and NSAIDs only to find that these medications have made their problems worse. That’s why, when it comes to cannabidiol, they want to choose the best products.

Like any other consumer on the CBD market, athletes should follow a few basic guidelines, which include always vetting products before purchase. The best CBD products for athletes are typically organic, come from non-GMO farms, and, most importantly, are lab-tested by third parties for quality and safety. For example, companies like the aforementioned Diamond CBD always make sure that all of the Certificates of Analysis are available online for consumers to inspect, giving everyone peace-of-mind before making a purchase.

CBD has become one of the most prevalent compounds over the past few years and has completely changed how most athletes play their respective sports. Not only can they avoid harmful synthetic medications, but they can now take control of their post-athletic careers, ensuring that they have a second act that lasts long into the future. So whether you’re an athlete or you simply have a nine-to-five in an office, see what CBD oil can do for you. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make in your life.