When Is the Right Time to Look For a Nursing Home – Some Tips for You 


Having an elder at home is like a blessing because you will feel like you have someone to look after you and your family. However, there comes a time when the elders require some extra care and you cannot provide that for them. It is when the assisted living Shelton, WA will be your helping hand.

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You cannot decide about the best time when you need to let go of your parents or in-laws and let them stay in a nursing facility. However, here are some instances that can help you with deciding the right time to find a nursing facility for your dear one. 

Medical and Health Issues 

The old-age is associated with some diseases and disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and so on. If your elder family members are suffering from such disorders, then they will require constant care in bathing, feeding, changing, and handling all the other such daily tasks. Hence, you should look for a nursing facility. 

Problem with Managing Self-Care 

Some of the issues related to self-care include improper hygiene maintenance, unkempt appearance, and sloppy dressing, and so on. If you feel like the elders in your family are exhibiting such symptoms of old age, then understand that it is time to look for a nursing home. 

Check the Red Flags 

Here are some indications that say that it is strictly time to look for a nursing facility. 

  • If the food is going bad inside the fridge and yet your dear ones are saying that they are having their food in time. 
  • If your dear one is isolated from society and is not even meeting any friends. 
  • If your dear ones are trying very hard to hide the bruises on their body. 
  • If your dear ones are not taking care of the taxes and bills on time. 
  • If your dear ones find it difficult to bathe or even change their dress properly. 

Medical Emergencies That Require 24/7 Care 

Some of the medical conditions strictly require 24/7 care, and nursing professionals are experts in the field. 

Memory Loss Conditions 

Memory loss conditions are common after your dear ones reach a certain age. Here are some of the instances that can depict the chances of memory loss. 

  • Feeling confused in certain locations, well-known people and also at times. 
  • Asking the questions about the same information again and again. 
  • Finding it difficult to follow simple instructions. 
  • Finding themselves lost even in some of the familiar places. 

Family members love to have elders at their place. However, constant care will become impossible for them, when the family members will be busy with their daily work schedule. Hence, finding nursing homes for the elder dear ones is an ideal choice at this point.