Reduce Wrinkle Formation by Leading a Disciplined Healthy Life and Using PRP Therapy


The four telltale signs of aging: pigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles affect each one of us sooner or later. We can accept it gracefully or try to delay its appearance especially if it affects the career that requires us to lock cliché and glamorous all the time. For some of us, we start showing these signs prematurely and that can truly affect our confidence and quality of life.

To delay the appearance of these physical signs, we use many skincare products and undergo rigorous aesthetic treatments. A very popular and completely safe treatment is plasmolifting that uses your blood platelets that have regenerative properties to promote healing and rejuvenation.

Procuring and separating platelet-rich plasma from other blood components is done in centrifuge machines in specialized test tubes called Gel PRP tubes. You can buy the most authentic and certified tubes used for PRP therapy from Dr. Renat Akhmerov’s Plasmolifting Technologies. They have revolutionized the world of cosmetology by bringing PRP to the field and allowing people to get treated for aesthetic correction with a safe and effective methodology.

How wrinkles are formed?

To understand the process of plasmolifting better, let us first know how wrinkles appear in the first place. Our skin is made up of 3 distinct layers performing different functions. The outer layer (Epidermis) is a keratinized layer for protection and gives the skin its characteristic color.

The second layer (dermis) contains Collagen and Elastin proteins that help in maintaining the strength and elasticity of our skin. The third layer (subcutaneous) is a fatty layer that keeps internal in their respective place and also keeps us warm.

When we age as a part of the natural aging process (intrinsic aging), the following processes occur to cause wrinkle formation:

  • As we age past 20s, every year we lose 1% of the collagen and elastin fibers making the skin inelastic over some time.
  • To overcome this inelasticity, our skin tries to stretch which results in the formation of visible wrinkles.
  • When the moisture exchange between the first two layers of the skin slows down after we attain the age of 30, fat cells shrink and our skin starts to look dull and less vibrant.
  • Also, the sebum production decreases causing dry patches and this makes wrinkles even more prominent.
  • After we reach our 40s, collagen production completely ceases and the existing fibers start stiffening and breaking.
  • There is also lesser regeneration of damaged skin cells.
  • After the age of 50, we lose our subcutaneous fatty layer to a great extent causing thinning in our skin and sagging.

While this aging process occurs in everyone with no exception, certain external factors (External aging) can fasten the appearance of these physical signs. Some of these contributing factors are smoking, alcohol consumption, pollution, exposure to UV rays, and lack of a healthy lifestyle.

This is why it is important to keep ourselves hydrated, well-slept, eat a nutritious diet, exercise, and stay away from addictive substances, and wear sunscreen every time we step out.

Apart from this, we can use technology to our advantage and regenerate skin elasticity and strength with the use of PRP therapy.