Do bodybuilding at Ido Fishman Gym and avoid the mistakes


If you are looking to pack on some serious body muscle, one of your top priorities should be to determine what will be the best training method for you. There are plenty of different workouts available at one of the most reputable gyms, Ido Fishman. So, choosing the one to suit your individual needs is important.

It’s also necessary that you need to have proper knowledge about the factors which contribute the most to gain lean muscle mass. Ido Fishman training program utilizes these principles so that their clients get maximum benefits.

Most of the time beginners just jump into any body building program that often leads to overtraining and causes more damage than good. If you are not careful enough and go to any gym that lacks expert assistance it can be detrimental to your health.

Here are some important things to avoid when you are on a bodybuilding journey. Just eliminate the mistakes for best results and see how you progress.

1.Seeing no improvements in muscle strength:

Though getting stronger isn’t the only objective behind building bigger muscles, but it’s surely a big part for majority bodybuilders, especially for beginners and intermediates.

The biggest muscles do not mean to be the strongest, as the strongest muscles aren’t necessarily the biggest; but it is necessary to lift decent weights in the correct method for plenty of reps, otherwise you’ll never be able to develop decent-sized muscles.

2.Using incorrect weights can impede your progress:

While getting stronger is surely very important, increasing poundage at all costs can slow down your progress. Most bodybuilders use heavier weights they can’t manage correctly.

It is a misconception that lifting a weight 12 times or more is necessary for optimal growth of muscle mass. Ido Fishman trainers are well experienced in body building training. After years of expertise and experiments they have come up with best effective techniques for their clients to build lean body mass. As per their advice the target goal for lifting weights should be anywhere between 8 and 10 reps. The trainers can teach you how to lift weights gradually while maintaining perfect technique.

3.Not being careful to avoid injuries

Injury can kill progress to a large extent. It can be the worst enemy for a body builder if he doesn’t become careful while lifting weights or doing intense workouts. Correct exercise technique, wearing comfortable gym clothes with the right kind of shoes, no yanking, no dropping, no excessive ranges of motion, are some crucial factors for injury free training. 

If you are unsure about how to perform any specific exercise or using particular gym equipment, please do not try to do it on your own. Ido Fishman trainers are always beside you to help you. The first principle of safe bodybuilding workout is, “Do no harm.” Forget the reckless “No pain, no gain” maxim if you really want to continue an injury free bodybuilding journey in the long term.

4.Incorrect Deadlift

Deadlift is a very productive method in the process of body building. One must adopt the correct style of deadlift from a good trainer. It is advisable to start deadlifting from the knee and practice gradually. It must be done slowly and the right method should always be followed. Experienced body builders cum trainers at Ido Fishman gym can guide you personally in the entire process so that you do not cause any damage and harm. Following a wrong technique is dangerous and may cause harm. If you cannot do it correctly, better leave it. 

5.Not giving much effort

Please do not loaf around in the gym. In that case, it will be difficult for you to achieve the desired goal. Body building is a work hard process and you need to sweat hard to achieve the desired goal. You need to train hard. Only then the trainer will also be motivated to train you well. While doing the workout, you need to complete each set with concentration and without doing any compromise on the techniques of the workout. It has been seen that only a dedicated person can achieve the desired goal and the gym instructors at Ido Fishman are always ready to cooperate with them.

6.Doing workout on more days than the number of off days

One must do body building training not more than three days in a week. During those 3 days you need to divide the entire program in three equal steps.

Step one – thighs, cabs and calves

Step two – biceps, back and neck

Step three – delts, chest and triceps

You can focus on each of these body parts one day in a week. This will help your body to balance a lot to adjust to the new exercises. Continue this for a few months and let the body adjust to this new routine.

7.Do not perform excess sets

While doing body building, it is suggested not to do more than three sets of work out per exercise. Eight is the maximum limit per set of exercise generally followed. Excessive work out than the permissible limit may cause damage to muscles and many internal body parts. The trainers working at Ido Fishman gym are also expert body builders. So with their knowledge and experience in the field for so many years, they can guide you quite well about the numbers of sets which your body may take. While doing body building workout, just remember that taking a balanced approach is very crucial for a healthy approach.

8. Not taking a training partner

A perfect training partner can give a boost to your intensity and zeal for training. It is important to find a partner who can motivate you for the work outs. If required, even he can do some workouts along with you so that you feel motivated. It also helps you to follow the right techniques and avoid doing unnecessary mistakes. If you are doing body building at Ido Fishman, feel relaxed as the trainers will thoroughly guide you in the entire process so that you remain healthy while achieving your goal.