Discovering The Top Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram


Are you looking for daily inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle? Instagram can be a treasure trove of reliable health tips and information. With so many people sharing their health and wellness journeys, it can be overwhelming to find accounts that are truly beneficial.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top health accounts on Instagram to give you easy access to inspiration, motivation and tips on living a healthy life. Some of the accounts listed below are well-established and have years of content to go through, while others might be growing in their beginning phases, but adding new Instagram followers daily.

It’s important to spend time going through the list to make sure you aren’t missing out on any great influencer content.

Where and How to Follow the Best Health Accounts on Instagram

Below you will find an amazing assortment of channels, influencers and brands that are all focused on helping you to improve your personal life or daily eating habits. Be sure to visit each of them and to subscribe and follow the ones that interest you the most.


Courtnie is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer who provides valuable tips on her Instagram page. Her posts include easy to follow workouts, meal plans, and delicious recipe ideas. She’s also a great source of motivation, always sharing inspiring quotes and happy affirmations to brighten up your day.


If you’re looking for plant-based food inspiration, look no further than Nourish and Eat. The page shares mouthwatering vegan recipes, meal prep ideas and nourishing smoothie recipes that will impress even your omnivore friends. Nourish and Eat also offers great workout motivation through guided yoga flows and full-body workouts at home.


Doctor Mike is a real-life doctor who’s becoming an Instagram sensation. He’s a great source for health information, and he’s particularly known for debunking common health myths that plague the internet. He posts videos explaining preventative measures to take and disease management advice. Follow him for some science-backed health inspiration.


Joe Wicks, also known as the Body Coach, is a fitness instructor and coach, and the creator of the 90 Day Plan. He shares high-intensity workouts, healthy recipes, and body-positive messages regularly. The Body Coach is an excellent account to follow if you’re looking for a weekly fitness challenge and a new routine to follow.


Sarah’s Day is a certified holistic lifestyle coach who shares her advice on staying healthy without the extremes of dieting. She’s open to sharing her struggles with gut health, hormone balance and mental well-being, which all contribute to her overall health. Follow her for a healthy dose of balanced living with realistic tips and tricks.

Instagram Healthy Accounts Summary

Instagram can be a valuable platform for finding inspiration and guidance on your health journey. Finding the right account to follow can be a game-changer. From nutritional advice, workout routines, motivational messages to debunking health myths, these five health accounts offer you invaluable insight and inspiration to live a healthy life – whatever that means for you.