Reasons On Why You Should Book A Staycation In Singapore For Your Next Holiday


    Many agrees that the idea of a staycation is that to be in full holiday mood and vibe, but not having to travel until you’re outside of the city. You should be able to reach the place within a short drive, using a local public transport, or even by walking! Yes, we have heard stories of people who took a weekend off by staying at a hotel only a few blocks away from their apartment. Check out some of the staycation deals you can find in Singapore!

    If you have never been on a staycation before, you are missing out, big time! A staycation is basically a vacation that is close to home.A quick research will show you that a staycation is defined as a holiday that is usually short with a destination that is not far from home. This can mean staying overnight or for a weekend at a hotel in the city. It can also mean going up to a hill area that is only about 30 minutes away from home. The possibilities are almost endless! Here are some of the reasons on why you should book a staycation for your next vacation!

    Gives you more reason to travel around the local spots

    Many times, we forget that the city we have been living in for so many years is actually interesting to newcomers. It doesn’t matter which city we’re talking about, every city has its own beauty to appreciate. This is why it’s fun to actually experience your hometown or wherever it is that you’re living in from the perspective of a tourist.

    It’s hard to appreciate what’s already familiar if you don’t breakaway from your regular routine. But when you decide to do a staycation, you are mentally and physically intentional in exploring your city. You certainly don’t want to do the same things you would do on a normal working day for a vacation. This is your perfect chance. Try out new restaurants, drive to streets you’ve never been to, and visit all the local museums that you have never even heard of. It’s the perfect time to experience your home in a completely new way.

    Get a quick break from your to do list

    That’s the key: quick break. Staycations aren’t meant to be long. But short doesn’t mean ineffective and boring. In fact, staycations allow us to take regular vacations from our normal routine, thus. In stressful seasons, staycations can be our life savers because no matter how short the vacation is, it is still a break. And a break matters for our health both physically and mentally.

    We are living in days when everything is always busy and fast-paced. Staycations also encourage us to take a digital detox, one of the wellness trend you can follow in 2021. Because staycations are so close to home, it’s so easy to go for it. And you understand this, that sometimes a quick break makes all the difference. Even if it’s just an overnight stay at a local cottage, it will make a huge difference to your productivity later on if you really take a break.

    Less preparation time

    Traveling is great and exciting, we all agree to this. However, you cannot deny that sometimes traveling can cause more stress than happiness. Sometimes traveling takes a lot of preparation, especially if you’re planning to go for a long time and to a place that’s quite far. You would prepare the schedules, the outfit, the canned food, and the traveling time across all the spots you want to visit. You might probably still have to manage all the drama that takes place because of the five people that are going with you on the trip, who each has unique preferences and taste buds.

    Staycations are very easy to plan. You can go for it the day before you decide to go, or even on the day. It’s almost zero-planning because all you need is to pack up some clothes and go. Even if you don’t have everything in your bag of if you happen to forget something, you can just buy from the nearest store or go home to pick up the item. It’s easy, it’s stress-free. But if you want to save some money, do research for available staycation deals in Singapore, got to book early for those!