To those who have lost their teeth, or suffered from missing teeth, understanding the basic essence of this problem is important. The truth is that no one wants to live their lives with missing teeth. Not only are missing teeth a medical problem. They can pose dental health risks and have a variety of negative effects on your lifestyle. This also reduces your faith in yourself and hinders your ability to smile publicly. 

While esthetics is important, you should start considering replacing missing teeth for many other reasons. Ottawa dentist address the key explanations for replacing missing teeth:

  • The Critical Function of every tooth:

Each tooth is essential. They help you to chew, grit, and chat and demonstrate your smile clearly. Within the structure of the mouth and with respect to other teeth, the teeth play a vital role too. If you lose a tooth, you can leave a gap with serious implications. The restoration of missing teeth is often necessary where there is a noticeable void that can create frustration and mistrust.

  • Sustaining Lifestyle Changes:

One thing for sure; you can’t consume many of the things you enjoy with missing teeth. It’s just because you can’t chew efficiently. Your teeth are engineered to cut, to melt, and push food when you are chewing to facilitate the best possible digestion. A lack of any number of teeth will significantly hinder the process. The positive thing is that you have the opportunity to take the right steps to normalize your expression and personality.

  •  Prevent the deterioration of bone:

By avoiding erosion of the jawbone, each tooth by your mouth plays a significant role. A narrowing of the jawbone and bone deterioration may result from a lack of teeth. If a tooth that was supposed to be there is no longer there, the bone is vulnerable to greater decay.

  • Prevent Shifting Teeth :

A lost tooth immediately leaves a crack in the teeth. It will shift the strength on the other teeth as you chew the meal. The other teeth can start to change locations in your mouth, maybe even to push or to tilt the room.

  • Re-establish your confidence:

Often you feel self-aware when smiling from losing teeth. Missing teeth may have had some adverse effect on your lives. This is also much easier for you to chew your food, kiss someone and maybe even talk properly while your teeth are missing. To solve all these problems, restoring missing teeth would be fantastic.

  • Preventing Opposition of Teeth from Tumbling: 

Restoring this connection with the opposing teeth is necessary. It is attributed to the lack of this touch, which ensures that the teeth will be loosened in their socket. That is bad enough alone, but over time it may lead to even more serious problems, including decline and other problems.

  • Damage of Jawbone:

The jawbone mass can reduce or stop the development of newer bone cells when the teeth are missing for too long. This can contribute to the degeneration of the bone. And it places them at risk of dislodging if there are any residual teeth.

What are the reasons people lose teeth?

  • Gum disease
  • Cavities
  • Physical injury or trauma
  • Periodontal disease 
  • A consequence of Poor Dental Care

How Dental implants recover your missing teeth ?

Whilst the dental implant procedure is known as the gold standard for certain methods to restore damaged teeth. The biggest explanation is that, from the root to the crown, it is the only method that removes the entire tooth. The process starts by making an incision in the dentist’s gums and heating a small opening into the base bone structure. A cylindrical titanium implant is then attached and permitted to fuse through a process called osseointegration with the existing bone. It can take, on average, between six and nine months to fuse and heal your gums. Then a titanium abutment is added, which makes it possible to permanently fix a porcelain restoration to the implant.


To completely restore your beautiful smile, Contact Dental implants Ottawa. They ensure that your dentures look natural. And in the end they completely refurbished your functional and pleasant smiles.