How to Get in Shape- A Short and Easy Guide


10 Ways to Get in Shape Faster | ACTIVE

Whether your clothes are getting a bit tighter than you want or you have just decided to be healthier and feel better, everyone has at some point decided that they want to get in shape. Everyone wants the perfect body, but it is the following through part that’s the most difficult. It is not always easy to begin your healthy lifestyle journey, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make it happen. Sure, it might be tough, but you can do it and here are some steps that can help you in establishing an effective and sustainable routine for achieving your fitness goals:

  • Be honest with yourself

Some people prefer to get up early and do their workouts in the morning while others are more comfortable in doing them after work. There is no best time to work out; all that matters is what is easy for you. No one knows you better than yourself so you have to be honest when you are planning your workout. If you are not a morning person, getting up for working out is going to be difficult. The same is applicable to your eating habits. If you love eating sweets, cutting them out entirely will only make you miserable and you are less likely to succeed. There is no need to make things harder for yourself. Instead, it is better to make small changes and adjustments that can be easier to accept.

  • Make sure your goals are realistic

When you have just begun working out and are just getting in shape, setting big goals can be quite daunting. Experts at Ido Fishman Fit will tell you that it is better to start with smaller and more achievable goals, such as committing to half an hour of physical activity in a day or doing a workout three times a week. Having a personal trainer can help because they will discuss your goals with you and aid you in coming up with a plan for achieving them.

  • Think of your workout as a meeting

 Would you skip a doctor’s appointment or a work meeting? No, of course you won’t and you need to treat your workout with the same commitment. When exercising is not your favorite activity, it can be extremely easy for you to find any excuse to avoid it. You didn’t sleep well, your friends want to get together or there are tons of errands you have to run; there are millions of reasons for you to not work out. It is a good idea to create a workout schedule and then follow it at all costs. If something comes up that can get in the way of your pre-planned workout, you should simply reschedule rather than skipping your workout.

  • Find something you love

The simple fact is that you will never be motivated to do something that you don’t enjoy or like. However, if there is an exercise or workout that you genuinely like, you will certainly be excited to do it. There are thousands of exercises that you can try out. If you don’t have any idea, you can take advantage of Ido Fishman Fit and get a custom exercise program for yourself. Different exercises and machines can be tried out and you will find a combination that you enjoy.

  • Figure out what motivates you

Different things motivate different people and finding your motivation is one of the keys to keeping your commitment of getting in shape. If you like being encouraged constantly and want someone to hold you accountable, you should hire a personal trainer. If you want to fit in your old clothes, keep that in mind every time you need a motivation boost.

  • Consider your eating habits

It can be extremely hard to get in shape when you have unhealthy eating habits. Quick-fix cleanses and fat diets are undoubtedly tempting, but they don’t help you create a healthy lifestyle. You need to commit yourself to limiting your vices and trying to eat better. Begin with simple changes like reducing the quantity instead of cutting out completely. Don’t go extreme right off because that will only make things harder.

Follow these steps and it will be easier for you to get your body into shape.