What is the connection between dietary changes and weight loss surgery?


Gastric banding or Mexico lap band surgery is a bariatric procedure wherein a surgeon puts a band around the top of the stomach. This makes a tiny pouch to hold food and restricts the amount a person can consume by making them feel satiated quickly.

The lap band can be adjusted later by a doctor for making the food pass more swiftly or slowly.

How is this type of bariatric surgery performed?

Mexico lap band surgeryis performed under general anaesthesia. This weight loss surgery typically takes 30 minutes to an hour to finish. The surgeon usually creates one or five tiny incisions in the stomach region. Through these incisions, the surgeon will put a camera and the devices required to execute the procedure.

After that, a rubber band is placed around the top of the stomach to separate it from the bottom section. There is an inflatable balloon inside the band. The band makes a tiny pouch with a slight opening leading into the bigger bottom section of the stomach. Doctors or patients can choose to tighten or loosen the band later on. There is no cutting or stapling within the stomach involved in this procedure.

While a person eats following a lap band surgery, the tiny pouch will fill up swiftly. He or she will feel satiated even after having a minimal amount of food.

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In how much time can a patient recover from gastric banding surgery?

The lap band surgery recovery is tough but very much achievable. Patients are most likely to return home the same day after the procedure. A lot of individuals can start their routine activities in one or two days after returning home. A majority of individuals take a week off from the office. Bariatric patients generally follow a liquid or pureed foods diet for several weeks post surgery.

A liquid diet is usually prescribed for the whole first week after surgery. It is vital to ensure that you get your liquids and carry on to drink slowly.

The success of your revival after a lap band relies on how well you follow the post-surgery diet. After 2 to 4 weeks on fluids, you can start eating pureed or semi-solid foods. You can start eating solid foods about 6 weeks after the surgery.

Apart from the post-op diet plan, the patients must focus on lifestyle changes after lap band surgery.