What’s Next After The Eyelash Extension Treatment? Do’s And Don’ts For The Lashes


The treatment of having eyelash extensions is generally simple, but it needs your attention, especially to the smallest details. You have to be prepared as well. Make sure you are ready financially and physically, specially the natural lashes you have.

If you’re using mascara today to get the volume and thickness you want, then it’s high time to undergo the treatment. The process will help you elongate you natural lashes by attaching faux hair strands, which makes it look more non-artificial. And instead of applying mascara on a daily basis, it gives you time to lessen the hassle as you already have a curled and long lashes. It even lasts for a more extended period which is an advantage to have. So, it’s all worth it.

To give you an overview: the process may involve and ‘before’ and ‘after’ phases. Right after the treatment, you have to do some more stuff. There are do’s and don’ts that you have to follows. You can consult to many clinics, including the volume eyelash extensions Sydney, that can help you out.

Know more about it here. These are some ideas that can help you keep your newly-permed lashes healthy and in a good state.

Don’t Soak It Yet

After the eyelash extension treatment, don’t immediately put your eyelashes into the water. It has to be dried first for at least 24 hours or one day to stick the faux hair strands together. Or else, your eyelash extension might not last within its ideal period of time. And since it’s not natural, there are tendencies that it may be removed, so putting it into the water will be one of the major causes. It’s much better to let it stay fresh from the treatment process. There is nothing much to worry about it at all.

But for hygienic purposes, you can instead wipe your face with wet tissues and avoid the eye area as much as possible. It’s the little cooperation you should make to achieve the best aesthetic look you want. The eyelash extensions will have top-notch results.

Make Sure All Lashes Are Proportional

How will you know it’s proportional? Simply see both of your faux lashes lengths. You should observe a balanced length that makes all eyelash extensions even with one another. Also, don’t keep it tangled. Refrain from using curlers too as it might make you’re the hair strands fall. If there are any concerns that need professional help, then it’s best to seek for the best lash extensions Potts Point from Fancy Lash, for instance.

Don’t Pluck It Out

One of the ideal looks of eyelash extensions is by being thick. It has the same volume as the mascara. So, it’s best to not pluck it out. You have to make sure that these faux lashes are indeed thick in the first place and maintain it along the way.

Final Word

Follow these do’s and don’t’s to make sure that your eyelash extensions are in good shape after the entire treatment process. Discipline and cooperation are needed at this time. These are simple instructions that will help you get the best results from the cosmetic service.