What is a urethrotomy?


A urethrotomy is an operation to deal with a narrowing of your urethra, tube that carries urine and seminal fluid to your penis. The narrowing is typically caused by mark tissue developing after swelling, an injury, or infection.

A constricting can happen anywhere along with the size of your urethra. This leads to the following symptoms.

  • The need to pass urine more frequently.
  • Sudden urges to pass urine.
  • Needing to wait longer than common prior to starting to pass urine.
  • Slow flow of urine, typically with dribbling.
  • The urine stream spraying or forking.
  • The sensation of not completely empty bladder.

What are the benefits of surgical procedures?

You must obtain a better circulation of urine as well as improved bladder draining, as well as not required to pass urine as usual throughout the evening. You also need to be less susceptible to infections.

Is there any kind of options for a urethrotomy?

It is possible to try to deal with a narrowing utilizing the following strategies.

  • Balloon dilatation: This involves pumping up a balloon in your urethra to make it wider.
  • Dilators: This includes putting tiny metal poles, called noises, right into your urethra to extend the narrowing.

Extra challenging constricting sometimes need open surgery, where the narrowing is repaired using plastic surgery techniques.

What does the operation involve?

The operation is done under a basic or back anesthetic. The procedure normally takes less than thirty minutes. Your surgeon will pass a stiff telescope or cystoscope into your urethra to take a look at the narrowing. The urethrotomes have a tiny blade, which your surgeon will use to cut in the mark tissue for making your urethra wide. The surgeon also may pass the cystoscope right into your bladder to look for any kind of issue. Your cosmetic surgeon might place a tube of catheter inside your bladder.