How Are Online Therapy Providers On Drmental Chosen?


Until recently, online therapy was not a chosen option by most in the medical industry. However, with the advancement of technologies, this has changed. Now, online care can significantly help improve and simplify the lives of many patients.

While online therapy benefits remain the same as conventional therapy, it helps a patient choose better. With so many industry options now, it can be quite tricky for you to find the right fit. However, since the process of selecting online therapy providers on drmental is so refined, it makes it easier and more accessible. Here is how the website refers to online providers.

Criteria Used To Choose 

Finding the best online therapy platforms without some ground rules can lead to incompetencies. These are some rules they follow:

  • Platforms should have only licensed psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists.
  • The sign-in process should be simple and less invasive.
  • The website should have a positive customer review and rating.
  • The payment options should be flexible, and there should be more than one way to pay fees.
  • A wide range of subscription options along with services to fit each individual’s needs.
  • The website should accept valid insurance.
  • The therapists should have enough experience in the field and be experts in treating the different kinds ofemotional issues. For instance, they should have enough knowledge about anxiety, trauma, depression, substance misuse, relationship issues, grief, and even eating disorders.


Online therapy is only making mental health services more affordable and accessible to the common people. With the convenience of seeing your therapist at your own time and home, virtual visits might just become the new norm. However, instead of searching for a particular company, looking for them on a website that provides a list of similar companies is best.