Can I Use A Lateral Flow Test To Travel?


Anyone planning to arrive in the UK must know that he can take a lateral flow test to travel before even getting to the plane. It is particularly important to proceed with this test if the person belongs from a Green or amber-list country.

Can I Use A Lateral Flow Test To Travel Back to the UK? 

As discussed earlier, it depends on your location. If you are arriving in the UK from a Green list country, you have to remain 10 days in quarantine after your arrival even if you have qualified for the lateral flow test.

However, if you are coming to the UK from Spain, you will not only have to qualify for the lateral flow test but you must take the PCR test which costs more than £100 per person.

Will the lateral flow test for antigen test be accepted if I move from the UK to any other country?

It depends on where you are going. Some countries accept lateral flow tests while various other countries and states like Canada do not accept letter floor tests only but they also require you to have a certificate for the PCR test.

If you are moving to Italy from the UK and have stayed in the UK for more than 14 days, you must have proof of the Antigen test/lateral flow test or PCR test that was conducted 48 hours before your arrival.

Want to know where you should go for lateral flow tests in the UK?

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