5 Tips for Getting Great Results from Botox


Getting Botox treatment requires lots of money, time, and effort. Therefore, it is only reasonable for you to take action that will help you maximize the results so that the treatment will be worth the resources expended on it. Given this reality, this article will show you 5 important tips that can help you get great results from Botox in Calgary.

  1. Ensure due consultation with your doctor

As expected, your Botox treatment must be handled by a licensed and experienced doctor. However, after finding a trusted doctor, you still have to do a lot of things to ensure you get the best results. So, you should take the time to talk to your doctor about the procedure.

During the consultation, explain what you want to achieve from the Botox treatment. This will make sure the doctor explains the procedure and works towards helping you achieve your goals. Besides, another possible treatment may be recommended for you. Also, this consultation can decide the best treatment schedule that will help you meet your goals.

  1. Take proper care of your skin after Botox treatment

After the treatment, there are some basic care guidelines that you have to follow. These will be recommended and explained by your doctor. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t follow these dos and don’ts; hence, the result of Botox in Calgary may not last for as long as they want.

These dos and don’ts include avoiding heavy exercise or activity for at least 24 hours after the treatment, not massaging or rubbing the area, avoiding aspirin and other blood-thinning medications, etc.

  1. Be mindful of your diet, exercise, and stress level

Irrespective of the site of treatment, the overall wellbeing of your body will affect the results of Botox in Calgary. For the best results, feed your body with healthy diets. Your meals should have lots of lean meats, fresh fruits, fish, fermented foods, and vegetables. These food items contain lots of vitamin A, C, D, and E, omega 3-fatty acids, proteins, and probiotics.

  1. Have a great skincare routine

If you are the type that doesn’t cater to your skin, your Botox treatment can never yield the results you want. This is because your body will be dehydrated and exposed to all sorts of things that will affect its health.

To prevent dehydration and reduce the impacts of exposure to the sun, consider getting a high-quality moisturizer that has vitamins A and C as well as an SPF. During colder months of the year, use creams and lotions that contain silicone and shea butter for taking care of your skin.

  1. Don’t forget extra treatments

It is important to realize that your Botox treatment can never last forever. Therefore, you need additional treatments from time to time to get a good result. It is recommended that you go for extra treatments after 6 months of the previous one. Apart from ensuring the previous treatments last, extra Botox treatments can also prevent new wrinkles from forming. So, this can contribute to the overall results of the treatment.

If you can follow the tested and trusted tips explained above, you are guaranteed an exceptional result after your Botox treatment.