Are Cosplay contacts safe? How to wear them safely?


When there is any costume party such as, Halloween, anime conventions or dress up events, a special effect to finalize the look can be cosplay contact lenses. There are a variety of colored, decorative, enlarged, and cosmetic lenses. These lenses can change the color of your iris and even the shape of the pupil. Moreover, other effects can also be added. 

At times, people have raised a question whether these cosplay contact lenses are safe to use? Well it depends upon certain factors that you need to consider. When buying for cosplay contacts, always opt for a trustworthy brand. You can look for reviews on their website and always believe the word of mouth of those who have used the lenses from that particular brand. The experience of others can help you choose the perfect and safest brand. 

In addition to that, before buying the contacts, you need to get a prescription from an eye specialist. This prescription will contain details such as, the size and shape of the lens that is needed for the eyes. Make sure to buy a lens that properly fits your eyes. 

Moreover, never wear anyone else’s cosplay contact lens. Since the size and shape of the other person’s eyes can be different from yours, so wearing their lens can be a strain for your eyes and it is not safe at all. Other points to take care of:

  • Don’t wear your lenses anywhere where you can be exposed to water.
  • Do not wear your lenses near fire or in very hot climate.
  • Do not rub your eyes.
  • Make sure to keep the lens sterilizing liquid container away from any dust or impurity.


In order to keep in check the safety, you have to wear the cosplay contact lenses the right way. Improper wear of lenses can disrupt the flow of oxygen, which may lead to plumped up blood vessels in the eye and can cause problems such as Macular degeneration. Following is the safest way to wear cosplay contact lenses:

  1. Wash your hands and Sterilize your lens with the sterilizing liquid.
  2. Then, place the lens on the index finger and the other hand’s index finger to lift the eyelid, then place the lens directly onto the pupil. Another way is to place the lens below the pupil and then close the eye and blink to the side. 
  3. When removing the lens, apply the pressure on the lens to slide it off the pupil. 

After considering the points above and safely wearing the lens, there is no way that the cosplay contacts can be dangerous for you; hence, they are safe to wear. Buy your cosplay contacts from the most trusted brand LensVillage and get dressed up in your costume with added effects. Stand out in the crowd and never worry about your eye’s safety.