Common Cosmetic Surgery Reasons and Procedures in Newport Beach CA


Women who have been through pregnancy and the stages after birth faces few common issues. Mommy makeovers contains procedures which has surgical processes to bring the desired physical changes. Generally, the body undergoes major changes after having a baby. These changes further linger while breast feeding and nurturing the child. Some adjoining procedures related to plastic surgery are performed to improve these undesired changes of the body. The breasts and abdomen undergo the most changes both pre and post pregnancy. So, the surgical changes are also preferred in these two areas mostly.

  • Due to high level of secretion of prolactin during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, the breasts enlarges in size. This hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain. During pregnancy, the secretion level increases by ten times for milk production.
  • The nearby muscles and skin also tend to stretch to help reside the baby in the uterus. The uterus expands to make space for the baby. But after the birth of the child, these extra muscles and tissues may not return to their original size. Thus, it is difficult to go back to the same figure and shape that a woman had prior conceiving.

Mommy makeovers generally include breast reduction, upliftment of sagging breasts, reduction of abdominal muscles and liposuction. These procedures are done by cosmetic surgeons. Recovery generally takes few weeks. Although different procedures may take different recovery period. After the surgery, a patient might feel swelling and soreness in the operated area. Proper rest and medication must be followed as prescribed after the operation which shall ensure fast healing. Exercise and workouts are not advised for few weeks. Smoking and alcohol must be avoided.

These cosmetic surgeries post pregnancy is quite popular in the modern times. The Mommy makeover in Newport beach CA is having an accelerated growth in the number of women consulting the specialized doctors. The procedures give a fruitful result after which women can live a happy and content life.

Breasts augmentation or reduction: Breasts can be increased to the desired size with silicon insertion or fat injection. Some women develop sagging breasts while others have oversized ones. Larger breasts can give pain in the back and neck. Thus, breast reduction by liposuction can help reducing their size.

Abdomen reduction: This is done by removing the excess amount of fat in the surrounding areas of the abdomen. While the development of the foetus in the uterus the lower abdomen increases in size and after the delivery it might not go back to the original size. A tummy tuck can be performed in such cases which shall return the desirable shape of the abdomen to the most extent possible.

Cosmetic surgeries are quite common in women having multiple pregnancies. A certified plastic surgeon can perform these combinations of surgeries with innovative and modern techniques. The incisions are every small and are often hidden. Studies suggest that these surgeries improve the self confidence in women. They can lead a more satisfied and happy life and enjoy motherhood as well.