Tadalafil Pills: All You Need To Know


Many men face the problem of erectile dysfunction. There are several reasons for erectile dysfunction. It can either be temporary or can last for a longer time. For some people, sexual dysfunction crops up from psychological issues like stress, hypertension and other such issues. Others might experience erectile dysfunction because of health issues like diabetes and other heart related health issues. 

There are some medicines available in the market for erectile dysfunction. They sell under the brand names like Cialis, Viagra, etc. While these brands are quite freely available, they are expensive and in some cases, they may not be available in a particular country or an area. In such a situation, Tadalafil cialis 20 mg solves the problem. Tadalafil is a generic drug with the same composition of Cialis. It is analog, and therefore quite cheaper than Viagra. Tadalafil is made by Cipla, one of the leading medical companies based out of India. 

There are some doubts and wrong information about Tadalafil that might confuse people who are looking to buy the drug. The drug does not prolong sexual intercourse and it is not an aphrodisiac. The drug is only meant to combat sexual dysfunction and facilitate a long lasting and strong enough erection. That’s different from an aphrodisiac, which only works to create a more pleasurable sexual intercourse. 

Tadalafil is not available in syrup form and it cannot be injected. It is only available in pill form. Each pill has a 25 mg potency. One blister of Tadalafil contains 5 pills. 

There are some aspects that you should keep in mind while taking this medicine. This is not a medicine that has a daily dosage. You should take one pill at least an hour  before you intend to have sexual intercourse. You can have one pill a day. To begin with, you should take half a pill 10 mg. 

Tadalafil usage doesn’t show any major side effects, but it does have some minor side effects. You might experience a short term headache. You might also feel nauseous and have a light heartbeat disorder. You might also face redness in the face and  a minor pain in the muscles and the back. Along with that, you might also face nasal congestion and a slight numbness of the limbs. 

This is some of the information you’d need before you decide to go ahead with Tadalafi. Make sure you speak to your doctor before you begin consuming these pills.