What Are the Dangers of Ignoring Toenail Fungus?


One should not ignore toenail infection when it occurs as the consequences can be really regrettable. It can leave your toenail permanently disfigured and discolored. The changes in the bacterial and fungal infection to grow unchecked can trigger other health and skin issues, which can weaken your immune system and expose your body to harmful external agents. Here are the few dangers of ignoring toenail fungal infections.


If you take toenail fungal infection for granted after taking the treatment once, do know that it can recur. The feet hygiene needs to be well-maintained. If not, the fungal infection would reappear and can be more lethal this time.

Loss of toenail

If you ignore toenail fungal infection for long, the chances are that you would have to part ways with your toenails. When the affected region becomes highly infected, the doctor would be left with no option but to get rid of the toenail completely.

Discoloration of Toenail

One other consequence of ignoring the toenail fungal infection is that the concerned toenail would get discolored and deformed in appearance. It would look ugly and may possibly be slightly painful for life if the tissue in the region is damaged. Using probiotics for toenail fungus can help in your fight with toenail fungal infection.

Bacterial skin Infection

When the toenail fungal infection is allowed to breed and ignored for a long time, it can give birth to a skin infection, popularly termed as Cellulitis. It would increase your problems further, and such infections can spread fast, so taking necessary action is essential.

Spread of Infection

The toenail fungal infection when left unchecked and ignored for long, it can easily spread in other parts of the body. The fungal infection may even enter the bloodstream, which can be really dangerous.

These are the few dangers of ignoring toenail fungal infection. You don’t want to take chances, and therefore, starting treatment immediately after identifying the symptoms is highly recommended.