Ways to Gain Energy Before Hitting the Gym and Why You Need the Big Berkey Filter


When you hit the gym, you need as much energy as you can so that you can pursue whatever fitness routine you have. If you’re not energized enough, you will easily get exhausted and decide to stop working out. You need to bring a bottle of drinking water at all times. Staying hydrated is useful in boosting your energy. You can consider buying the big Berkey filter so that you will have access to clean drinking water at all times. You can keep the water in your bottle to have a drink whenever you feel tired working out. Apart from staying hydrated, these are the other tips to help you stay energized while working out

Sleep well

Before you go to the gym, you need to have a good rest. If you only slept for less than eight hours a night before your gym session, you won’t be energized. You won’t give your all since you don’t have the energy to do so. Try to sleep earlier, and get at least eight hours of sleep. You can postpone the other activities on your list and do them some other time. He should also make it a habit to not go beyond a certain time before you go to bed. Leaving your phone outside the bedroom is also an excellent strategy so that you won’t be tempted to open your phone.

Eat energy-boosting dishes

Look for energy-boosting dishes so that you will have energy when exercising. You don’t need to take supplements or have energy drinks. The problem with supplements is that they might not be suitable for you. Some of them also don’t have approval from the government. You will be at risk if you decide to take the supplements. Energy drinks might give you energy, but they also contain lots of sugar. You want to stay healthy, and it includes having a reasonable amount of sugar in your blood.

Avoid other strenuous activities  

If you know that you’re going to the gym to exercise, you should limit other physical activities. Otherwise, you will be too exhausted the moment you reach the gym. You might want to go home right away, even if you are yet to finish your exercise routines. If you have a lot of things to do at work, you can reschedule your exercise session.


Warming up helps you stay energized and avoid potential injuries when doing strenuous physical activities. It’s something that most people forget to do because they immediately proceed where their chosen exercise routine. Whether you hit the gym or play sports, it helps if you spend time to warm up. Stretching your muscles would already suffice.

Rest for a while

Some people decide to go to the gym as soon as they finish working. The problem is that you have just gone through an entire day of work. Even if you only sat in front of the computer, it’s still exhausting. You have to take a break first before you start any exercise session. You also have to condition your brain that it’s time to shift from working to exercising. You will feel refreshed if you give yourself an ample amount of rest period before working out.

Check your goals

You have to write about your fitness goals. They will remind you about what you want to accomplish. There are times when you already lack the energy and passion for keeping going. However, when you remind yourself of these goals, you will do your best. Not everyone has the same goals, and there’s nothing wrong if you don’t have an ambitious goal. You can take it one step at a time until you get what you want.

Consult your doctor

The strategies in boosting energy that works for other people might not have the same impact on you. It could be due to your body composition and other medical conditions. You need to speak with your doctor to determine why you don’t feel the same way even if you tried the strategies used by other people. Your doctor might also give you alternatives to help you stay energized, along with a list of foods that you need to eat before you go to the gym.

Try doing mindfulness activities

Mindfulness activities are becoming more popular these days. They help you feel relaxed and comfortable. After a long day at work, you need to refresh and forget about the stress that you experienced. Mindfulness allows you to focus on the present and forget everything else. You can even hear the sound of your breath and the movement of your organs when you try these techniques. Apart from helping you relax; mindfulness exercises will also make you feel more energized. Even if you only do it for a few minutes before you hit the gym, it’s good enough. When you already got used to the process, even if you’re inside the bus or walking, you can try these mindfulness activities.

Don’t go elsewhere

While it helps if you take a break before you hit the gym, it doesn’t help you try to go to other places first. For instance, if you decide to go home and relax, you might lose the energy to go to the gym and try fitness exercises. The same thing happens if you drop by your favorite restaurant to grab something to eat. Once you become full, you won’t see the reason for going to the gym anymore. You will even feel guilty that you decided to eat instead of hitting the gym.

Maintaining a fitness routine isn’t easy. You have to work hard so you can focus on your goals. If you experienced some setbacks, you have to keep going. You can’t allow yourself to give up because of these problems. Besides, no one saw changes in their body overnight. It would help if you did whatever you can to see things through and be happy with the milestones you’ve achieved.