Types Of Drug Treatment Programs


Drug addiction is a serious thing. It is extremely harmful to a person and can even lead to his death. When you get addicted to drugs, you not only ruin your life but also disrupt your family’s life.

When it comes to addiction treatment, it is classified into different treatment programs or procedures. In this post, we will learn about the different types of drug treatment programs.

What are the different types of drug treatment programs?

Drug treatment programs can be of the following types:

1. Long-term residential treatment

In long-term residential treatment, you are provided with 24 hours of care in a non-hospital setting. The best residential drug treatment model is TC or therapeutic community.

TCS helps an individual to re-socialize. Under this treatment program, the entire community including the staff and resident members are used as components of treatment. This type of treatment is mainly focused on the development of responsibility and personal accountability. Not just that, but they also make you socially productive.

2. Short-term residential treatment

This is also a residential treatment model that lasts for a brief period. It is a 12-step approach. A short-term residential treatment program lasts for about 3 to 6 weeks in a hospital setting, followed by outpatient therapy. It also includes participation in self-help groups. Patients need to stay involved in aftercare programs or outpatient treatment programs. The main advantage of this type of treatment is that it reduces the chances of relapse.

3. Individualised drug counselling

This type of treatment focuses on reducing the use of drugs. Along with that, it also focuses on impaired functioning such as illegal activities, employment status, and patient’s recovery. This helps the patient to develop coping strategies so that they can refrain from using drugs. It involves a 12-step approach and may call for other services including psychiatric and supplemental medication.

If you are addicted to drugs or know anyone who is, then you should at once take them to a rehab center. Drug treatment is important before it gets too late. With proper treatment, the patient can recover well.