Turkey As A Top Destination For Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery has become very popular in the UK and other countries across the world. Safer procedures have drastically reduced the risks of the surgical process. Unfortunately for most people, cosmetic surgery is quite expensive. The good news is the availability of best cosmetic surgeons Turkey at a surprisingly affordable price without compromising patient safety. 

Why is cosmetic surgery cheaper in Turkey?

Cosmetic surgery is usually for aesthetic reasons which, unfortunately, is not covered by insurance or government medical aid plans. A patient has to pay for the cosmetic procedure from out of his pocket. It leads them to wonder if the same cosmetic procedure can be done for a lower cost in another country. 

Turkey is one of the most reliable destinations when it comes to cosmetic surgery not only because of the affordable price but the quality of the procedure. Turkey ranks third in the most popular destinations for liposuction. Germany and the United States occupy the first and second ranks. 

One of the reasons for cheaper cosmetic surgery in Turkey is the exchange rate. There is also a lot of competition in Turkey because of the dramatic growth and popularity of medical tourism. Many clinics are now offering cosmetic surgery and to be able to compete, they need to lower their prices. 

However, if the price is too low, a patient must investigate the reasons behind the offer. It is extremely important to find experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeons who will not jeopardize the health of a patient. If the cosmetic surgeon is qualified, there is always a list of accreditations and certifications.  

Best places in Turkey to have cosmetic surgery

There are direct flights from the United Kingdom or the United States to Turkey. Most of the major accredited cosmetic surgery clinics can be found in Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara. If you prefer a calmer and more serene environment, you can go to smaller cities like Marmaris along the Mediterranean coast. After the cosmetic procedure, the patient can relax in the golden sands and warm seas. 

Cosmetic procedures offered in Turkey

Rhinoplasty is one of the more popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Turkey. Rhinoplasty is both an aesthetic and functional treatment. Aesthetic because it can improve a person’s appearance and function because it improves nasal airway breathing. 

Liposuction which is an expensive procedure can remove stubborn fat deposits that refuse to go away even with regular exercise and proper diet. There are cosmetic surgery clinics that offer free quotes so that you can compare prices. 

Hairline lowering surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is also called forehead reduction surgery because it shortens the height of the forehead to help balance the proportions of the face. There are accredited clinics in Istanbul that performs the cosmetic procedure.