Physiotherapy is the kind of treatment given to patients who have suffered injury ,disease or  disability and aids in the healing processs . It aims to restore, maintain and helps regain a patient’s mobility.The beauty of physiotherapy is the patients involvement in their own healing journey.Exercises and movements are recommended during the sessions to help improve mobility and function of the injured body parts.

The influence of physiotherapy images in the media cannot be underestimated. Physiotherapy physicians can tap on the traffic on this platform to publicize their services.

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Physiotherapy for men specifically looks at all areas relating to the pelvic floor dysfunction. It dwells on the conditions such as:

  • Sexual dysfunction-premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • Incontinence-urinary and faecal
  • Prostate cancer


Yes, men do have a pelvic floor. Imagery from physiotherapists digital marketing campaigns indicate that many men are recently visiting different websites to know more about the pelvic floor muscle. It is made of three bones that are stable and strong. The pelvic floor helps us to:

-stand and stay upright

-maintain a balanced posture

-maintain an erectile

-control urinary and bowel movement.

Just like other body muscles, the pelvic floor can become weak, be sensitive, dysfunctional,uncoordinated therefore developing unbearable pain.

Causes of Pelvic Floor Problems

  • Chronic pelvic floor pain
  • Being obese
  • Enlarged prostrate size
  • Consistent constipation
  • Surgery complications
  • Chronic coughs(especially in smokers or those with asthma or bronchitis)


Can l feel my pelvic floor muscles?

It is possible for you to feel your pelvic floor muscles and be able to exercise and know its status.Here is how to go about it.

  • Lie down with your thighs,hips,buttocks and stomach muscles relaxed.You can use a mirror to confirm this position because they will pull up as you move.
  • Press to assert pressure on the ring of the muscle around your back as one trying to pass wind.
  • Ensure you relax.Apply pressure and let go for a couple of times till you find the right muscles.
  • Do not raise or squeeze your bottom.

When you visit the loo to pass water, try to stop the stream mid-way then start all over again. Repeat this till the bladder is empty.

If you cannot tell a distinct –squeeze and fit- by the touch of the pelvic floor muscles you should visit your physiotherapist or physician. Also if you can’t slow down and stop the stream of urine, seek medical intervention.

Muscle training that focuses on the pelvic floor can improve its state of health.



  • Once you realize you can squeeze and fit this muscle, you can:
  • Repeat the squeeze and fit routine as many times as you can.However,do not strain unnecessarily.
  • Sit on a firm seat and hold dumbbells on each hand and lift try lift them simultaneously.Hold them strong and tight and count to 10 taking short breaks to relax.
  • While at it remember:
  • To breath i.e. do not hold your breathe
  • Only squeeze and lift
  • Not lift your bottom