A Variety of Lubrication Products


The common treatment for any type of vaginal dryness which is due to estrogen levels being low is any type of estrogen therapy that is topical. It is these lubricants that supplant some of the hormones that the body is might no longer produce. This helps in relieving vaginal symptoms but it does not put estrogen in the bloodstream as hormone therapy such as reduced estrogen pills would.


Vaseline can also be used as a lubricant, but it is not always a good choice for personal lubrication while having intercourse. Even if it can lessen friction during sex, it also can introduce bacteria leading to various infections. So, it is advisable to avoid using Vaseline as a lubricant during sex if possible. 


There are many lubricants available on the internet with the Wet brand being considered the best lubrication to use for intimacy. This entire line of Wet products can be found on Amazon currently. 

Flavored lubricants

Wet also has a line of flavored lubricants including:

  • Strawberry flavored
  • Cherry flavored
  • Watermelon flavored
  • Passion Fruit
  • Many others

It does not matter what situation you might find yourself in, there are new ways to make intimacy more fun. This line of Wet products has innovated intimacy for over 30 years. In order to discover more fun ways to have fun at home go to StaysWetLonger.com. This is an excellent blog that has many great articles on how to best use Wet products. These products are also available at more major pharmacies, as well as Amazon and your favorite adult boutique. 

Try these products

It is quite easy to give this line of products a try – you might find they add to your enjoyment of intimacy with your spouse or significant other. We are all currently stuck indoors a lot so what a better way to past the time.