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It can indeed happen that one really suffers from teeth and in some cases, one should not hang around. So how do you react in this case? Should you consult your dentist or is there a 24-hour dental emergency service? Can our dentist refuse to receive us? What care and what pain are considered an emergency?

Important information:

If this telephone support is not sufficient and your condition requires an emergency act, you will be referred to the departmental councils of the order of dentists in charge of regulating the management of emergencies in offices dental. You can opt for the Turkeys UK Smiles there.

We ask all of these questions at least once in our lives, but often too late, and we don’t know what to do once the pain is there or who to turn to.

You, or someone close to you, may be “suffering martyrdom”, so we will answer all of your questions without delay, so that you know how to consult a dentist.

Dental care: what is considered an emergency?

The expulsion of a tooth

In dentistry, there are several types of emergency. Most often it is a toothache . When the painkillers do not work, when you can no longer sleep, when the pain is unbearable or when there is a painful abscess, you should immediately consult your dentist immediately. The primary goal is to relieve and then eliminate the pain.

Another cause requires an emergency appointment: the broken tooth . If a tooth is broken during a fall, when playing a sport without a mouth guard or following a blow or accident, you must act quickly.

It can also happen that after the installation of dental rings , the gum is injured, that a ring falls or that the threads are too tight and cause pain. This is also an emergency that requires making an appointment as soon as possible with your dentist .

A falling tooth , often in a two-wheel accident, must be re-implanted as soon as possible. It is therefore urgent to consult a dentist.

To recap, check out this very complete video on dental emergency:

24-hour dental emergency: who to call?

If you take the case of a classic emergency during the day, the first thing to do is to call your dentist to make an appointment. But it can happen that it refuses because it is complete (we will see below what the law says on this subject).

And that’s where it all gets complicated. You are in pain to the point of wanting to pull your tooth responsible for the pain, you want to pierce your painful abscess or worse, bang your head against a wall because the pain is intense and your dentist is full.

You will therefore need to inquire in order to find the dental surgeries or dental emergency services near you.

Dental emergency Sunday: what to do?

If you are in one of the worst situations, that is to say a dental emergency on Sunday, like a toothache or a broken tooth, don’t worry, there are solutions. Some hospitals have dental services. But they are very few in France. Fortunately, a daycare service is organized by the council of the departmental order of dental surgeons for Sundays and holidays. Contact cosmetic dentists Glasgow southside for more help.