Teeth Whitening Mistakes That Are the Culprit Behind Other Dental Issues


Teeth discoloration is pretty common. Our teeth lose their lustrous white colour due to lifestyle, food, and beverages we consume and aging. Stained teeth may make many feel too conscious about their smile. There are several easy ways available to whiten our teeth. For severe discolouration professional whitening is the top choice.

Dentists gather our dental history and suggest a suitable method that delivers long-lasting results. Apart from this, there are many over-the-counter teeth whitening products like whitening pens, crest teeth whitening stripswhitening toothpaste, whitening tray, etc. claiming to restore the natural shine of our teeth in a matter of days.

Common mistakes associated with teeth whitening:

The abundance of UK teeth whitening products makes it difficult to choose the right whitening kit. Some may even end up harming the enamel of the teeth. When you are following DIY whitening methods you have to be careful and ensure you don’t create new dental problems. Avoid these common mistakes.

Wrong choice of whitening product:

Teeth whitening kits come with whitening agents and the effectiveness of the products is based on the composition of the chemical compounds used. If you are looking for an enamel-safe product, Crest 3D white strips available at Euro White works great. Euro White is one of the best whitening kit retailers in the UK featuring safe and effective whitening products.

Overuse of whitening products:

Over-the-counter whitening products guarantee an instant bright smile but aren’t recommended for everyday usage. The products contain strong chemical compounds. Daily usage of whitening toothpaste which can lead to gum recession white overusing whitening strips increases teeth sensitivity.

Ill-fitting trays: 

Over-the-counter trays don’t work for everyone. The reason custom-made trays are preferred is that they fit the wearer perfectly. Ill-fitted trays cause leakage of chemicals which leads to gum irritation and tooth damage. The trays purchased from retailers follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

Failing to brush and floss beforehand:

Using whitening kits doesn’t mean one should ignore their regular oral care routine. Failing to brush and floss before using whitening products interferes with the whitening results due to the presence of plaque.

Using household products that are unsafe for teeth:

Google suggests several home remedies for eliminating teeth stains. Though the products are generally present in whitening products, they are added in careful proportions to ensure your teeth aren’t damaged in the process.

  • Baking Soda: Household baking soda is abrasive and harmful to our teeth’ enamel. It could end up in teeth sensitivity. A good quality whitening toothpaste is safer and works better.
  • Lemon juice/ apple cider vinegar: These acidic liquids can cause enamel eruption which results in cavities. Citrus fruits are notorious for damaging teeth.
  • Bleach: Household bleach whitens teeth but at the cost of tissue damage. The bleaches used in whitening products aren’t as abrasive as household bleach.

If you are looking for a fool-proof and safe way to whiten teeth, crest whitening strips are the best choice. However, contact your dentist before trying any whitening method. He/ she would guide you on which works best for your needs.