Surprising Health Benefits of Having a Beard


More men than ever are sporting impressive beards in 2020. Everyone has a different reason for growing a beard. Some men want to look more appealing to potential partners, while others take their cues from popular celebrities. There are also some surprising health benefits to wearing a beard that can sway the opinions of those who are on the fence about growing facial hair. Read on to find out about them.

Keep Warm in the winter:

Having facial hair acts as a barrier against the cold, wind, and snow during the winter months. It offers both thermal protection and protection against the elements for men’s faces. There’s still plenty of time to start growing a lush, thick beard with the help of Bossman products, so don’t go out and buy that balaclava yet.

Protect Against Bacterial Infections:

Every man naturally has some bacteria on his skin. Every woman does, too. When men shave their faces, it can create openings that allow that bacteria to get in. This can lead to infections, ingrown hairs, and increased incidences of acne. Letting that facial hair grow can help to reduce the chances of developing unpleasant and unhealthy skin infections.

Reduce the Risk of Throat Infections:

Having a beard can also help men keep bacteria out of their mouths. This, in turn, helps to ward off throat infections. This isn’t a newly discovered health benefit, either. Doctors have known that wearing a beard can help to protect the mouth, throat, and lungs from infections since at least 1875 by trapping dust and bacterial contaminants, preventing them from entering men’s airways. There has even been some evidence of men curing chronic throat and lung diseases by growing beards.

Help for Asthma Sufferers:

People with asthma are uniquely susceptible to toxin exposure. A beard can help to filter out those toxins before they enter the body. This prevents them from ever reaching the lungs, reducing the frequency and intensity of asthma flare-ups. Of course, it won’t eliminate them completely, but for those with chronic asthma, beard-wearing can be added to an arsenal of tools to help alleviate symptoms.

Save Time for Healthier Habits:

The average bare-faced man spends around 3,350 hours of his life in front of a mirror shaving off facial hair. That amounts to 139 days, which is a lot of time to spend on unnecessary and potentially deleterious grooming habits. While bearded men still need to devote some time each day to caring for their facial hair, it takes less time to wash and style even a complex beard than it does to get rid of that five-o’clock shadow every day. That time could be put to better use improving other aspects of health and wellness by getting in an extra exercise session, cooking a healthy meal, or just taking the time to rest and relax.

The Bottom Line:

Beards make most men feel more confident and help them give off the appearance of being reliable partners so they can attract better life mates. Don’t fall prey to misinformation about health and sanitary issues associated with beard care. As has been made abundantly clear, beards are actually very healthy.