Popular Cosmetic Procedures To Achieve Perfect Cupid Bow Lips 


There are makeup hacks that can be used to achieve perfect cupid bow lips for an appealing pout. However, it can be difficult to achieve with lip liner and lipstick particularly for the unexperienced. If you overdraw the lips, they can look very artificial. The more common option nowadays to achieve perfect cupid bow lips is through lip augmentation. 

Lip augmentation procedures to achieve cupid bow lips

Lip augmentation involves different procedures ranging from the minimally invasive to those that require cosmetic surgery. Lip threading is a fairly new procedure that makes use of fine surgical thread to improve the shape and volume of the lips and achieve the much-desired cupid bow lips. Lip threading makes use of poly-L-lactic thread which can be absorbed by the body over time. The PLLA thread is inserted through a fine tube needle. Once the thread has been properly placed, the tube will be gently removed leaving the thread in place. After the procedure a feeling of numbness may be experienced for a few days. 

The procedure of lip threading is a bit more invasive than fillers but once the anaesthesia works, the procedure is painless. For some patients, the feeling of needles near the mouth can be unnerving or unpleasant but it is generally bearable. Slight swelling and bruising can be covered by makeup although they generally disappear after a few days. After the anaesthesia wears off, expect a little pain. You can take over-the-counter painkillers and go to bed. In the morning, you will feel good as new. 

Another lip augmentation procedure with long term results is surgical lip lifts that defines the cupid bow lips. The surgical cosmetic procedure involves the removal of a section of skin under the nose to lift the lips and create plumper and more defined lips. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and the results are permanent except for the usual signs of aging.

Lip lifting takes about an hour because the surgeon has to remove skin and secure the lower incision to the base of the nose to be able to create the effect of an instant lift. Final results are immediately visible but healing time will take between 3 to 6 months.  However, lip lift is suggested only to patients who are satisfied with the appearance of their lower lip. The procedure only addresses the upper lip with the objective of minimizing any signs of aging on the area.  

The first lip augmentation treatment that usually comes to mind is injectable lip fillers that address the size of the lips. It is also a good option to achieve the contouring effects of makeup but in a longer lasting way. Lip fillers alter the shape of the lips for about 6 to 12 months or until the injectable dermal filler wears off. Like most cosmetic procedures, it is important to consult with a professional medical practitioner who will decide on the best procedure to create perfect cupid bow lips. The plastic surgeon will check the anatomy of the lips and discuss the patient’s aesthetic goals.