How to Prepare for CMA?


Saving lives of people are great things and we all know that the Doctors and nurses perform their duties in these respect. But behind the scene there are medical assistant staffs who work with all their efforts to serve the patients. The medical assistant staffs have several important roles such as they have to organize the medical offices, arrange patients’ records, producing the documents of various reports and many more. You can start your career in this field as the whole world now has a huge need of medical assistant. To start your career in this sector you must crack the CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) examination. 

Knowing what is CMA? 

CMA is a medical assisting exam which is the gateway to become a successful medical staff. The American Association of Medical Assistants is the most popular certified institution for this exam. You must be a graduate to appear for this exam. This exam has 200 questions and you will be given the time of 160 minutes to complete your exam. 

Calculate your Timing

To pass this exam you must calculate the timing as you get less than a minute to answer a single question. Around 60 % students pass this exam in their first attempt and you will get three attempts to pass this exam. 

Knowing Content & Weak Point

A candidate must know the contents of the exam so that the whole syllabi can be covered within the limited time period. It is not enough to know the contents only; you must know your weak point of the topics so that you can solve the problem & pass the exam. 

Make Routine & Practice

It is advisable to make a proper routine for study so that you can give some mock tests on the topic to excel in the CMA exam. 

Being Careful to Yourself

To pass this CMA exam you must be extra careful about yourself so that you can face all the multiple choice questions without any hesitation. Your mind should be calm before the exam to crack the CMA. 

This certificate may be the gateway to this profession, but above all you must have that zeal to work as a medical assistant staff.