Know about drug formulation and its types to develop pharmaceutical formulations


Do you know? Every pharmaceutical product will be formulated with the specific dosage level to deliver effective results for the patients. The pharmaceutical formulation is a fundamental part of developing pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical formulation is a process of mixing the various essential and suitable chemical substances to form it as a medical product. 

It becomes right when the government recognizes the importance of the drug product and its impacts through stability studies. This drug formulation focuses on generic drug development to develop perfectly formulated drugs for people. From the following space of this article, you can find the types of drug formulation and its benefits. 

Medical performance metrics

It is hard to predict that every person will have the same health metric issues. To bring the required dosage level of the drug according to the patients, the drugs are formulated in different metrics. Under this drug formulation process, you can find different opinions for different critical themes. With the combination of PCD Pharma Franchise technologies, the process of drug formulation in pharma becomes possible. It especially comes forth to produce high safe degree drugs with demonstrable efficacy.

Types of drug formulation

This drug formulation right helps the lab technicians to optimize the product performance delivery and stability. The drug formulation can take place in different forms as per the patient health dependencies. The type of drug formulation will differ based on patient age, health condition, sex and the particular routes of administration. The types in drug formulation are listed below.

  • Solid
  • Semi-solid
  • Liquid

What you can expect from solid drug formulations?

The solid drugs are categorized into different types as described below.


The tablets are one of the disc-shaped drugs. It comes with the compressed granulated powder and is coated with inert substances. 

Enteric-coated Tablets

It also a form of table coated with an alkaline medium and it can’t be chewed. 

Controlled Release Tablet

This drug will specially design with the active ingredient to release the specific amount of drugs at a specific time. Depend on the pH level, the number of drugs will release at a dependable rate. 


The capsule drug is different from tablets and it can be in the form of hard or soft. Hard capsules formulation in pharma will design to soluble in water. Soft capsules are soluble in propylene glycol.

Liquid or Semi-solid formulations

This type of formulation is used to create the drugs which are suitable to use on the exterior part of the body. The liquid or semi-solid drug formulation will categorize into different types as follows. 

  • Oral preparation
  • Topical preparation
  • Rectal Administration
  • Buccal and sublingual administration
  • Parental Drug Administration

Each of the above-listed preparations is specially designed to use on specific locations with the safety concerns. The lab technicians will prepare the liquid or semi-solid drugs from the stability studies reference details.

On the whole, the formulation is scientifically essential to prepare the formation of the chemical ingredient as a medical remedy for the patient to get relief or to control the health issues.