Cannabis Doctors: Offering Online Consultation And Cannabis Prescription


A cannabis doctor is a licensed medical professional who specializes in evaluating patients using medical cannabis or marijuana as part of their treatment plan. The cannabis doctors australia have expertise in medical conditions that can potentially benefit from cannabis-based treatments and the legal regulations surrounding medical cannabis use in their jurisdiction.

What are the specialties of cannabis doctors?

Cannabis doctors might have backgrounds in various medical specialties, such as pain:

  • management
  • neurology
  • oncology
  • psychiatry

How does a cannabis doctor perform online consultation?

Online consultation with a cannabis doctor is performed via telemedicine platforms. It allows the patients to interact with healthcare professionals remotely on different platforms:

  • video calls
  • phone calls
  • even text-based communication

Here is an outline of how a cannabis doctor might perform an online consultation:

  • Appointment scheduling. Patients first schedule an appointment with the cannabis doctor through the telemedicine platform’s website or app. They need to deliver information about:
    • Medical history
    • Reason for pursuing medical cannabis treatment
  • Patient verification. Before the consultation, the identity of the patient and medical history are usually verified. It might involve:
    • uploading relevant medical records
    • identification documents
    • any other information

The information is required by the doctor or the platform.

  • Virtual meeting. At the scheduled time, the patient and the cannabis doctor connect through a video call or phone call, depending on the chosen mode of communication. While on the video call, the doctor visually assesses the patient and creates a face-to-face conversation.
  • Medical assessment. The cannabis doctor conducts a thorough medical assessment, similar to an in-person visit. They discuss the following aspects:
    • patient’s medical history
    • current symptoms
    • previous treatments
    • Any other relevant information
  • Discussion of medical cannabis. If the cannabis doctor believed that medical cannabis will be the suitable treatment option, they will be discussing the possible benefits and risks. The medication is based on the patient’s medical state. They may also address any concerns the patient might have.
  • Recommendation or prescription. If the cannabis doctor determines the patient qualifies for the medical cannabis treatment, a recommendation or a prescription is provided. It depends on the legal requirements in the patient’s jurisdiction. The recommendation is used to get medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary.
  • Treatment plan. The doctor might also guide dosing, consumption methods, and monitoring of the effects of medical cannabis. They could discuss follow-up appointments to track the patient’s progress and adjust the treatment plan if necessary.
  • Documentation. The cannabis doctor will usually document the consultation, including:
    • medical assessment
    • recommendation
    • any other relevant information

These are recorded in the patient’s medical records.

The process might vary based on:

  • specific telemedicine platform
  • local regulations
  • doctor’s practices

If you suspect that cannabis medication is what you need, call for an online consultation. Cannabis doctors in Australia offer online cannabis consultation, treatment, medication, and even follow-up checkups.