Big Berkey Water Filter can Keep Your Children Safe Along With These Tips


Keeping your children safe at home is a priority. They tend to be careless when they start playing around and end up hurting themselves. Since they don’t know what they’re doing and have no clear idea of what could be harmful to them, it’s your job to keep them safe. It starts by making sure that they have clean drinking water at home. If you can invest in the Big Berkey water filter, it’s a good start. The water filter will make you feel confident that you’re giving what your children need. Dirty water could lead to several health issues, including dysentery and diarrhea.

You might have to spend money to purchase a water filter, but it’s worth the price. When your children end up in the hospital, you will pay even more. Besides, everyone in the family will benefit from the water filter. Therefore, it’s worth buying. Apart from having clean drinking water, these are other tips that will keep your children safe.

Make sure your children play in soft surfaces 

Children end up hurting themselves because they’re careless. The best way to protect them is to let them play on soft surfaces. Use area rugs or carpets to cover your floor. You can also throw beanbags and pillows to prevent possible head injuries. If they are mature enough to understand your instructions, you can tell them to be more cautious when playing.

Never leave young children alone

You might be too busy doing household chores and other tasks that leave your children unattended. If you have infants and toddlers, it’s a big no. You can’t expect them to be responsible on their own. Leave them unattended for a few seconds, and something terrible will happen. If you have older children to look after the young ones, you can ask for help.

Install smoke detectors

Multitasking is common for busy parents. They try to do several things at once to make it to their various appointments on time. The problem is when one of these tasks is cooking. If you forget to look after what you’re cooking, it could lead to a fire. Make sure you install smoke detectors to sprinkle water to the affected areas automatically. You can prevent things from getting worse when you have a smoke detector. You should also have a carbon monoxide detector since it’s a common cause of death among infants.

Always empty the bins

Children have weak immune systems. They’re quite vulnerable to illnesses. Even the smell from the bin could make them sick. Worse, when playing around, your children might accidentally open the bin and place the trash on their mouths. Keep the bins away from them. Empty them regularly too to prevent the foul smell. Buy a trash bin with a cover so children couldn’t easily open it.

Lock up poisonous substances

You have toxic substances at home since you use them for cleaning. Others are used for the car. If you’re not using these things, make sure that you lock them up safely in cabinets. They should be out of children’s reach. Label them too. If your children can read, they will know that these things should be off-limits.

Install parental controls for computers

Safety also covers the online activities of your children. If they’re already capable of using the internet, you have to be extra cautious. Install parental controls so they couldn’t open sites with inappropriate content. You won’t always be there to check what they’re doing online. The least you can do is to have these parental controls. There are plenty of dangerous people who prey on children. Keep your children away from them.

Cover the plugs

You already understand that electrical appliances are dangerous, and you keep them away from children. It’s not enough, though. You should also consider childproofing the plugs. Cover them so that your children won’t find it easy to stick their fingers on the holes. Even without any electric device, plugs can still lead to electrocution.

Teach your children some safety tips

When your children can already understand you, try to teach them valuable lessons about safety. For instance, if their clothes caught fire, they need to drop and roll. Teach them about what items are safe to play with and what aren’t. If there’s a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood, they need to learn basic safety tips. It will help them not only at home but also when they’re at school. You can’t teach all of them at once, but you can teach these lessons when there’s an opportunity.

Talking to strangers is a big no

As a child, you might remember your parents telling you to never talk to strangers. It holds true until now. Although there are strict punishments for predatory behaviors, terrible people were not deterred. The best thing to do is advise your children to avoid going with strangers even if they offer something nice. If you’re busy in the kitchen, someone can call your children to head out and receive a gift. When your children remember your advice, they will close the door and run to you.

Always wash hands

Handwashing has never been more critical. Before eating, children should remember to wash their hands. After touching dirty objects or playing with toys, it’s important to wash the hands. A bacterial infection might happen as a result of dirty hands placed in the mouth. Make it a habit so that even without being told, your children will do the right thing.

Keeping your children safe could be challenging since you’re not always there to look after them. You might feel even more worried when your children reach school age. You will entrust them with someone else while you’re working or doing household chores. The good thing is that with the safety tips you instilled in them at home, they will be very cautious. Even when they have to drink water, they will check first if it’s safe. You want them to stay healthy at all times.