6 exercises to help you love Bodybuilding and Human Growth Hormone


A set of effective exercises that exactly change the body and do not require additional equipment.

Perform these exercises at least three times a week. Given a balanced diet and sufficient physical activity on the other days (we remember that we have banned elevators and walk from work?) The first results will be visible in a couple of weeks. In my practice, this is the most effective exercise base of those to Buy HGH Online in USA. My clients have already proven it!

And since the results are quickly visible, then the love of sports will not take long. Nothing motivates better than obvious changes in the mirror. So let’s get started!

  1. Squats with jumping, 15 times

The exercise that best pumps the middle gluteus muscle and makes the buttocks round and appetizing. It is performed in 4 counts: in the first three we perform three springs in a squat, and in the fourth we jump up.

Important: the knees do not extend beyond the socks, the back is straight, look forward, we jump onto the soft knees.

  1. Push-ups, 15 times

Basic exercise for the pectoral muscles. It is carried out on two accounts:

On the first, the arms are bent at the elbows, the chest sways on the floor, on the second – return to the starting position.

Important: the starting position is the bar, the palms are under the shoulders, the pelvis is twisted by itself.

If it’s hard to squeeze out of this position, we push out from our knees.

  1. Rock climber, 1 minute

Exercise, which will work the muscles of the press, and the pulse will accelerate, which ultimately leads to fat burning.

After push-ups, we remain standing in the bar, alternately pulling the knees to the chest as quickly as possible. Perform within one minute.

  1. Swing legs

The best exercise for a targeted study of the gluteal muscles.

Starting position: standing on knees and forearms, lower back parallel to the floor, WITHOUT deflection, fixed. The whole complex of moves is performed first on one leg, without rest, then on the other.

First exercise: max swing with a bent leg, 30 times.

With the right foot, bent at the knee, we make an energetic push upward, as if we were beating the heel in the blade, and returning it back.

  • Important: the knee does NOT touch the floor, the leg stays on the weight all the time

Second exercise: swing to the side, 30 times

The right leg bent at the knee is energetically and abruptly deflected to the side parallel to the floor, and lowers back. The knee of the floor does not swing.

The third exercise: bending the straight leg, 25 times.

We straighten the right leg from the hip to parallel to the floor.

We keep the knee as high as possible, and from this position we begin to bend the leg at the knee, leading the heel to the buttock.

During the exercise, it is very important not to “drop” the leg down, but to lower it slowly, feeling how our muscles work.

And finally, the last exercise in our series of flips: pushing the straight leg up, 30 times.

The leg remains straight from the hip, and we push it, straight and strong, up and return down to the parallel with the floor. This exercise is good because during its execution the lower back works and the back is strengthened.

After all four types of swings on the right leg are completed, we repeat the same thing with the left foot and proceed to the next exercise. Having elliptical machine is also a great option.

  1. Twisting on the press, 20 times

One of the most effective abs exercises!

Starting position: lying on the floor, right leg straightened, left bent at the knee.

The left arm is extended, the right – behind the head.

We reach with our left hand to the right foot, taking our shoulder blades as far as possible from the floor.

After the exercise, change the working arm and leg, repeat.

  1. Burpy, 8 times

Here is a video for you to illustrate:

After all 6 exercises are done, you can relax for 1.5–2 minutes, and repeat everything from the very beginning to the end.

Most likely, in the first couple of days it will be difficult and even painful, but the result that you will see very, very soon is definitely worth the effort.