What is the Intake Process Like in Rehab?


The intake process of a rehab clinic usually starts with the first phone call you make to the therapy facility. Ask as many inquiries as you can to get a mutual understanding regarding what they do, as well as the processes they use. One question many individuals ask is: “What is rehabilitation like?”

When you arrive, you will fulfill one-on-one with a certified therapist. You will be inquired about your drug history, as well as what you would love to complete while you remain in rehab. You can discuss when you started utilizing and if you recognize why you could have started using drugs. Tell your counselor regarding any kind of hidden health and wellness problems that you have, which is specifically important if you have a mental wellness disorder, such as PTSD or depression. The therapist will analyze the seriousness of your addiction based on your response to these inquiries. It likewise aids the therapy center to determine the optimal strategy for your treatment, everyone’s program is tailored to their detailed requirements.

After you meet with a counselor, you will be offered a physical to assess your physical health. You will be needed to offer information concerning your medical history. Allow the physician to know if you have any type of hidden medical issues such as asthma, hypertension, or hepatitis. You will be asked to take a detox test, which will figure out if you have lately utilized alcohol or medications. No matter if you evaluate positive for a compound or not, if you’ve utilized drugs recently, your primary step in the therapy procedure will be detoxification.

The center will be in charge of your healthcare, as well as they might offer you added testing to review any type of other illness. Supply them with any prescriptions you have. They will maintain the drugs in the pharmacy at the facility, as well as they will see to it you get the required medications every day. You will not be permitted to keep them with you, yet will satisfy consistently with doctors who will check your problem.

Once you meet with the needed team for check-in, you will be required to your room where a therapist will go through your jam-packed bag with you. They will inspect all your belongings to ensure you do not have alcohol, drugs, weapons, or other things that are prohibited.

Several rehab facilities will allow mobile phones, computers, or other interaction devices and allow you to use them at set times. It is best to examine ahead of time to see what items they enable as well as what points you must leave on your residence.