SAP Training and Certification


If you are looking to start a fulfilling and enriching career, then you should consider becoming an SAP. An SAP, or Substance Abuse Professional, has a life that focuses on helping people in the Department of Transportation which keeps other people safe. Here is what you need to know about SAPs and how you can become one.

What Does an SAP Do?

An SAP focuses on helping people in the Department of Transportation who get a positive test result on an alcohol or drug test. Since everyone deserves a second chance, a SAP helps them not lose a job. Anyone who works in the transportation industry, such as aviation, trucking, or railroad, will be subject to go through the Return to Duty process if they refuse to take a test or get a positive result from it.

At first, the employee will be removed from their position right away to start the Return to Duty process. If you are chosen as an SAP from DOT SAP services, you will be in charge of suggesting what kind of education and/or treatment the employee/candidate who violated the test rules will get. You will also make sure that they are maintaining their progress and deciding when they may return to work, given that they get a negative result on a drug and alcohol test. Additionally, you may be part of their aftercare plan.

How Can I Become an SAP?

You need to have at least one certificate or license, such as a licensed physician, certified or state-licensed family and marriage therapist, certified or licensed employee assistance professional, etc. To become a SAP. DOT will also expect you to keep up to date with changes in the DOT testing regulations and rules and have clinical experience and knowledge in treating and diagnosing controlled substances and alcohol disorders.

You have to finish the SAP Qualification Training as well. There are different training formats and training that you may take, such as online modules, home and workbook study, in-person classes, etc. You must also pass the SAP exam once you finish the SAP Qualification Training.

However, there are a number of ways you can become an SAP. For instance, American Substance Abuse Professionals have options for you to get substance abuse professional certification. It is one of the best and most efficient ways you can learn everything that you need to become an SAP.

However, ASAP is not limited to only teaching you an SAP online course. They have other courses that relate to SAP, such as a refresher course, substance abuse expert requalification, substance abuse expert continuing education course, SAE qualification course, etc. Additionally, they have lots of helpful courses to help you get further in your career, such as a survey of psychoactive drugs: cannabis and a survey of psychoactive drugs: opioids. These types of courses will help you better understand how to treat employees who got positive results because you understand the way they work because of those substances.

Becoming a Substance Abuse Professional is a rewarding career that many people should consider getting into.

If you are looking for a substance abuse professional certification contact us today at the American Substance Abuse Professionals. We provide uncompromised customer services and support to our providers, employees, and clients.