Make Up: Better Options are waiting for the Best Anti Ageing


    Makeup makes you look younger, but over time it can make you age prematurely.  The layers of chemicals repeatedly placed on your skin suffocate your epidermis and contribute to the weakening of your skin.  Some products are comedogenic, meaning that they can cause comedones because they tend to clog the pores. The board? Even if you’re lazy, you never forget to remove your makeup.  Never, never, oh never.

    We think of moisturizing the skin before working on the complexion.  You can also use different serums throughout the year or by treatment to treat your skin problems, if there are any.

    Finally, we are looking towards quality makeup, without toxic products, with a maximum of products of natural origins.  Allow yourself days off, without makeup.  Your skin will thank you in 10 or 20 years.

    Drinking and smoking is saying goodbye to your youth capital

    A few drinks as an aperitif, from Thursday to Saturday, a few cigarettes during the week and a few years less on your   youth capital. The effects of tobacco are disastrous on health.  No wonder when you know that there are 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke.

    • With each puff, 200,000 free radicals will directly attack the skin (and hair) cells. The appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, thickening of the skin and dull complexion.
    • As for alcohol, consumed in excess, it promotes the shortening of telomeres (part of the DNA, which is located at the end of a chromosome). The shrinkage of telomeres is associated with cellular aging.

    The board?

    Adopt an adequate lifestyle to stop premature cellular aging.  Studies prove that an irreproachable hygiene of life in the long term contributes to the lengthening of the telomeres.  Meditation would also have positive effects. You can Contact us to learn more with the NMN powder also.

    Too much sun makes your skin age faster

    • What a pleasant feeling to feel the sun warming your skin in summer.
    • The rays that immediately cause a feeling of deep well-being.
    • Yes, but, because there is always a but the sun participates in the premature aging of the skin.

    And for good reason, prolonged exposure to UV rays weakens the skin cells which ensure skin renewal.  The production of melanin, collagen and elastin decreases.

    Result?  Dry skin and even more pronounced wrinkles

    This was not necessarily the result we hoped for.  In addition, the skin loses its elasticity, it is clearly dehydrated and the aging of the skin is all the more visible.

    The board?

    Apply a full screen on your face or a foundation with sun protection and this, even in winter. Note that UV rays are not filtered by clouds.  Even when the weather is gray, UV rays can reach our skin.