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Dr Jenna Vyas-Lee, Clinical Psychologist


While you must be perplexed between a psychologist and a clinical psychologist, I will let you know the distinction between the two because the former is different from the latter.

General psychologists handle active people, whereas clinical psychologists attend people with serious mental health who are facing severe mental issues in their life. And Dr Jenna Vyas-Lee, Clinical Psychologist, is one of them. She treats people with intense care and educates them on coping with the severe issues in their lives. While being technically trained, she enables people and communities based on her research.

About Dr Jenna Vyas-Lee

Dr Jenna Vyas-Lee, Clinical Psychologist, has received a degree in chemistry and as well as in mental health services and got her Clinical Doctorate at Salomons. She works as a paediatrician to help people and families bringing their children to sleep.

She, by her techniques, has managed to teach parents some behavioural strategies and make it easy for them to help their children mentally throughout their lives. She chose her career as a clinical psychologist because she enjoys helping people with their mental health difficulties and sees them flourish their lives.

Vyas-Lee Practice

Vyas-Lee Practice is founded by Dr Jenna Vyas-Lee, clinical psychologist, and her husband Jordan Vyas-Lee, CBT and Specialist assessment of young people and adults. Both the husband and wives enjoy helping out people with their fears. And that’s why they founded the Vyas-Lee Practice to do so.

Their mission of founding the Vyas-Lee practice was to understand more about psychological therapists and access them easily. In today’s youth, mental health has become a vast issue, yet no one talks about it.

So by creating this practice, the Doctor wants to consult people with their difficulties and problems. The sessions are held on weekdays and to make things fit, sometimes in the evenings as well. It also provides you with webinars so that you can attend sessions at your own pace.

Purpose of Clinical Psychologists

Clinical psychologists are more likely to cure your stress with their scientific knowledge. They will provide you with treatments that can bring positive changes to you. No matter what age group you are, an adult or a child Dr Jenna Vyas-Lee, Clinical Psychologistwith her specialised training, will assist you in maintaining your mental health at peace.

Focusing mainly on the behavioural changes in an individual, she will diagnose every disorder. Clinical psychologists have the capability of unravelling your situations and presenting you with a life worth living, a life that is relieving. So, you can learn and develop in a healthy environment.

Clinical psychologists have patience and empathy towards an individual; that’s why they provide you with an environment to speak up against your problems and mental health. After all, if a human is at peace, then only he will be able to perform things peacefully.

Address / Contact Details

Address: flat 20 Lawrence Court, Catford, London, Greater London, UK

E-mail Address: jenna@vyasleepractice.com
Website: https://www.vyasleepractice.com/