List of Common Psychological Problems


Psychological problems mostly associated with the mood and behavior of the person. There are some body related problems like consecutive body ache which may affect the person psychologically and the person required to see a psychotherapist on the necessary basis. Let’s see the most common types of psychological problems and their meaning:

Clinical depression: 

Term clinical depression, use for the mental illness where a person stays silent and doesn’t react to any situation. The situation of depression can persist for a short duration and retain for many years. It is closely associated with the person’s will to recover. Clinical depression is self-diagnosed and usually cured after proper counselling from an experienced psychotherapist. Sometimes, the doctor prescribes a few medicines as per the requirement of the situation.

Anxiety disorder:

Experiencing a sense of anxiety sometimes is quite natural; however, if someone consecutively affected by the same feeling, then it is a matter of concern. A feeling of anxiety arises due to some shocking experience, fear, or terror. Anxiety disorder is a situation where a person feels extreme uneasiness and mental torture due to the fear of a person or a sight. This psychological problem is quite common among youth due to their daily schedules and work-alcoholic nature.

Bipolar Disorder:

Problem of bipolar disorder is closely associated with the feeling of depression. In this disorder, people generally experience sudden changes in emotion. Meaning, one-moment person feels happy then very next moment the state of mind changes to another emotion like sad, anger, excited, lost, or depressed.


This is one of the very serious mental problems where a person interprets the reality abnormally, and people usually announced schizophrenic people mad or dismantle. Such reaction from people makes the ailments even worse and chances of recovery reduce. People, diagnose with the psychological illness, Schizophrenia required immediate attention of a psychotherapist.

Are you looking for a Psychotherapist? 

Usually, people don’t take the symptoms of mental disorder seriously, which is not right. A person may lead to dangerous consequences on the avoidance of psychological ailment. If you are sensing something unusual for long then immediately contact a psychiatrist in your city.

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