Israel Figa Thinks Buying Vaccination for COVID-19 Will Not Be Enough for Some Countries


All the countries that have been affected by the coronavirus, which is probably the entire world, are standing in queue to get a big batch of vaccine from some country. Fortunately, many countries have developed their own vaccines, so you can’t really say that there is a shortage of the potion that will heal the world again. However, not every country’s fate is going to be the same. In the coming days, you will find out that for some countries, getting the vaccine is not enough, says Israel Figa. He believes that even after purchasing vaccine and having it imported into the country, these countries will face problems.

The important thing to notice here is that these challenges will be of a completely different nature. The countries will have proper vaccine and probably even the healthcare facilities to distribute it, but they will still not be able to vaccinate the people as expected. What could cause this will become clearer as you continue to read what Israel Figa has to say about the matter.

The Conspiracy Theorists

So, you have a group consisting of millions of people, or maybe even billions, that does not believe that the pandemic is real. They are still of the view that the coronavirus is nothing but a hoax. As a result, they are not paying attention to any SOPs and government orders. You can read in the news every day about someone getting pushed out of the mall or shop in the US because they refuse to wear a mask. You have an outright battle on Twitter between people who support face masks and those who think face masks are not needed at all.

So, the countries that have a lot of conspiracy theorists will be struggling to make sure everyone gets vaccinated. It is unfortunate that they will have to struggle despite having the medical facilities and staff to distribute vaccine in every corner of the country. In a nutshell, people who still don’t believe the coronavirus is real will be giving a hard time to their governments in the vaccination process.

The People below the Poverty Line

Every country has poor people. Now, when you think about vaccine or vaccination, you must imagine the governments are going to provide their people with vaccine without any charges. That’s very true. Most governments will do all that is in their access to make vaccination free of cost for their people. However, you have to know that for adequate distribution of the vaccine around the country, the private sector will have to involve as well. In addition to that, there will be many other organizations that will be willing to help the government get as many people vaccinated as possible.

The emergency situation will push the governments to choose many organizations that are in it to win it. They will make money by putting a price tag on the vaccine. While the rich people will not be bothered, those who live below the poverty line will not be able to afford the vaccine.

The Fearing Ones

Human psychology is weird and complicated. Different people respond to different situations in different manners. So, you have people who would go to the laboratory to get tested as soon as they discover a symptom of the coronavirus infection. On the other hand, you have people who wouldn’t want to know because they fear they have the virus. So, the countries that have more of the latter type of people will struggle to vaccinate everyone promptly. You can take the example of India where the population of people that came for the second dose of vaccination was much smaller than the first time.

Final Thoughts

Israel Figa believes that different countries will be battling with different problems. Just the fact that they have purchased the vaccine is not enough for them to believe they have found the cure and everything will be fine. As a result of that, these countries have to have a solid plan about the vaccination of the entire nation before the vaccine is even purchased.