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Important Things one Requires to know about Urinary Catheters



A urinary catheter is a void tube that is partly bendable and is utilized for gathering urine from the bladder and managing it proceeding to a joined drainage bag. They are accessible in various shapes and sizes.

These kinds of Urinary catheters are needed for patients who are not capable to empty their bladder due to few medical conditions. If the bladder is not hollow, then urine could gather in the kidneys.

Fortunately, in nearly all cases, this kind of catheter is only utilized for a short duration of time until the patient recovers the capability to urinate by themselves.

Although, individuals or seniors with serious physical injuries or illnesses might have to utilize urinary catheters for a long duration of time or permanently.

An impaired urinary elimination care plan defines as dysfunction in urinary elimination. It could be referred to as a disruption of urine elimination to a pattern

What are the various types of urinary catheters?

There are three main types of urinary catheters, such as indwelling, external and short-term catheters.


These catheters are utilized for men who are distressed from functional disabilities or severe mental such as dementia. This kind of catheter shields the penis head main to a drainage bag.

In contrast to the other catheters, these are much more comfortable and exhibit a decreasing infection risk. Usually, these require to be changed each day; although, few makers have created products that are suitable for prolonged utilization.


This kind of catheter is placed with the bladder and is also known as a urethral catheter. An indwelling catheter could be utilized for both, long and short periods. It could be inserted into the bladder through the urethra.

These tubes are referred to as suprapubic catheters when they are placed across a tiny opening made in the lower abdomen. At the end of the catheter, a tiny balloon is blown up with water to put stop the tube from working out of the body. This kind of bladder catheter needs additional care as the chances of bringing about infection are much higher.


The short-term or intermittent, catheters are utilized when the patient needs assistance with urinating for a short duration span a time, which is generally after surgery. After the bladder is void, it is compulsory to remove the catheter.

Like an indwelling tube, across the urethra, it can be inserted, or for catheterization lower abdominal hole is created. Intermittent catheters could be utilized by patients or caregivers in a domestic setting also.

What is a catheter composed of?

Each manufacturer utilizesvariouss materials to create catheters, yet nearly all common materials utilized are:

  • Rubber
  • Plastic (PVC)
  • Silicone